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Secret dealings at the Quebec bar
With an arctic wilderness guide
Says he was a retired Canadian spy

Sweet thing please don't bring
Make believe you're in a jungle movie.
Watch the baby elephants go by.
The beat is groovy.
It's a brand new dance you ought to try,
Make believe you're in a jungle movie
Watch the baby elephants go by
The beat is groovy
It's a brand new dance you ought to try
The Monkey Man was on the river bridge, using Tweeter as a shield
Jan said to the Monkey Man, "I'm not fooled by Tweeter's curl
I knew him long before he
on the mic looking so damn pretty
Served by me well it must feel shitty
Weird thing to say here it goes tough titty
I've got my rhymes in a pitcher and it's
Your father sailed on the Murmansk run
To guide the flocks of the ships home one by one
Grey beneath the Arctic sun
Or the glow of Northern Lights
new generation, waiting to be wrecked by you.

Pony, twist, monkey and frug, these are the things that I taught to you.
Hitchhike, boogie, hypocrite
Make believe you're in a jungle movie
Watch the baby elephants go by
The beat is groovy
It's a brand new dance you ought to try
"Gorilla" is what I want ya to call me
I'm so big, you gotta love all me
I got something so brand new
I want to be loved by you
Give you the love
Hey sister, how ya doin'?
This is the new world calling
Learn to shed your skin
Hey now the curtain's rising
I like the dancers here
I want
the end that's the mess that scalpels make.  

She stalks through the streets cheek by jowl 

Cheek by jowl, and an awful scowl  

That's a nice new
do the monkey off o' the cuff
But her mind had a missing link
Am I in sync?
Paint a picture on a subway train
Carve my name in a video game
Am I
a champagne cork 
Females so horny and mean, sucking scales off of live rattlesnakes 
My boy gave his girl money for groceries, she got a new hairdo 
blow their minds

You're probably wondering by now
Just what this song is all about
What's probably got you baffled more
What this thing here is for
club and the golf course.
Carry the New York Times, shoot a few holes, blow their minds.

Now you're probably wondering by now
Just what this song is
This one goes out to all real wife
Stay by you man side when him never have a dime
Now him find some new ting fi climb
Mek him know you nah
Halfway to Memphis
Driving in the rain
Self confidence slipping
Still running away

From the face in the mirror
The lines on the face
From New
been a bankers monkey and a cotton field flunky and my fingers throb
I gave it all up when I found me a goin' nowhere
And I found a new thing just
Baby Baby's looking better than fine
She's got a brand new dress and she's ready to shine
Got her heart broke bad by some silly guy
Didn't know who
a black man thing you wouldn't understand.


  What cha gonna do when the world's on fire?
I'ma light a spliff, and keep gettin higher
  The world's
gonna stand
Except the things that I tell to you
That I gonna need , when the world is new
I've been east and I've been west 
I decided to put this
a rolling stone
Never came back home now I'm on my own
So I had to learn a few things bout survival
Like the ice pick done off the bottom
If you scared
It doesn't matter what I say, no matter what I do
Every little thing reminds me of you
It gets harder every day, I don't know what to do
Every little
you a plate, soul food, know how Granny do it
Monkey bread on the side, know how the family do it
When I brought it why had guard have to look all
your mind, run from the spot
Revolution jumping in the parking lot
Shit is so hot that the sun watch
Children by the window with the gun cocked