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mean U.G.K
Done hooked up with Master P 
We about to bring this shit across the border 
Ya heard me, from Texas to New Orleans

Hustler, baller,
I was E-Z gettin' chased by the hounds
Better known as the P.D's leavin' niggas face down
Fuck a shake down, believe I'll leave you hurt in suspense
(New shit, Made Men)
The undisputed Made Men

[Verse One]

Ey yo
Retreat your betallion quick, before your time run out
New York that I could rep it from a different region
Slay heffers, Ottomanelli's got 'em in telly's
We eat good, Turkish cuisine, Ottoman belly's
out, Bad Boy
(P. Diddy: tell 'em, talk to 'em)

Now it was me, P-D and three beautiful ladies (uh)
He was in the Ferrari, I was pushin
East coast, West coast (yeah, Tom Mason!)
North, South (PD!)

You see, I'm grown up now
I got new thoughts
New parkin' lot, pennies in