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and roads go rolling in your eye
These green fields and roads go back and back and back

Oh my America my new found land
Oh my America my new found land
What will we find at the end of the world?

We have found new land
We set sail for Greenland
As we crossed the oceans
Awaiting the Mirdgard serpent
heard underground round tha rapture
Tha world's eye captured
At last in a Mexican pasture
Tha masked screaming land or death
Within a breath
A war
To the promised land 

Bolt the windows and close the door 
Now there's nothing worth living for 
New direction is hard to find 
So leave me
I've walked through many towns with fortunes lost and found
Seen the beauty of this land made by nature and by men
But when I leave I don't look back
a summer home but cheap river land could not be found
Then in the middle of his gloom his boss walked in the room and said I've got some real good news for
While traveling this land from border to border and from sea to sea
There have a few occasions to leave the beaten path and to find the place
Open your eyes my newborn son
See your world that's new begun
Growing the land beneath our feet
Heaven sent across to eat crust
Hush-a-bye taste
Bearing my heart to the hallowed spires
Of this quiet and ancient land
For a kiss was what we found
On damp but friendly ground
found (New salvation)
Watch another day pass you by (Revolution)
What else do you see flowers in the rain?
What you see it can be found (New salvation)
There was a king who ruled the land
His majesty was in command
With silver eyes the scarlet eagle
Showers silver on the people
Oh mother, tell me
Books by the blameless and by the dead
King in yellow, queen in red

All praise
He's found the awful truth, Balthazar
He's found the saucer news
and dads 
New weds and nearly-deads 
Have you ever been had in club land

Thereâ??s a piece in someoneâ??s pocket to do the dirty work 
Youâ??ve come
whipped by sand
A great new silence blankets the land
We sure need the stone age
In the coming century
Who will feed the poor
Now that the saint
eyes match the smilin' faces. 

And I have found me a home
Yes, I have found me a home
And you can have the rest of everything I own
And yesterday appears in fragmented form

What now must burn
Shall with new found strength emerge
Drift my eyes
Bacchi gates bid me welcome
Fields of green by the side of the road
Going down in Mary's land
Roll down the window feel the cool of a grove
Hit the palm of your outstretched
I am the eyes of Nostradamus, all your ways are known to me

In the new lands of America three brothers now shall come to power
Two alone are born
This beautiful tree
Boo hoo
Give up living
They give in 

On The Buses, up the stair
By the television
I'll pray 'til heaven I've found
Lord, lead me on to higher ground

Lord, lift me up and let me stand
by faith on Heaven's table land
A higher plain
night has fallen and it's still Christmas Eve
And snow is on the mountains where I always hate to leave

Here I am down under with a brand new family
making them look twice? 
Like a glimpse of paradise across a dull and bitter land? 
Did she pass them by, did she dare to meet their eye? 
Did she scorn
sitting by the sea
With her forty-four all around her
And her banjo on her knee

Phone her, can I? Everstanding
Just to see those two blue eyes

the tales
Of frozen mystery

The new kingdoms rise
By the circle of the tyrants
In the land of darkness
The warrior, that was me
Grotesque glory
found the land, the world is not the same, 
For though it spins when love begins, the world is not the same. 

This is one change I always have longed