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New-born muses rise from Bolivian

Eyes were open at last
Disguised by an athem
Blown by the northwind
A message was served them
They were chosen
shorty what you drivin' stoned by your daddy
Oops, you almost had me, geesed up until I saw the truth
And one day I see you standin' at a token booth
Whirlwinds mic blend
Lifes at a stand-still, dangerous 'cause man kills
And still, cats visualize life ghetto like
Born mind, sometime these cats see life
Biggie Smalls, the rap genius
I keep the glock by the penis, the cleanest cut
Fuck the sluts with the big humongous butts
Huh, I use a rubber, but
My style
bombers, ghosts, in my old home
We got pistols with eyes, corruption and lies
Trusting snakes, and death without breaks
Suspicious new borns live in our