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Battle with the white man day by day
Feds takin' pictures doin' play by play
They don’t never want to see the black man eat
Nails in a black man's hands
your head, give your ass a shape-up
Uptown niggas known for the money they make
Everybody ain't shook, you see doing the shake

[50 Cent - Hook]
The boss
the beginning give off an electrical spark

I respect you if you respect me
Everything's for real, WTC
No fake ass shit, don't front the Remy
Break bread, never
Everybody, everybody
Everybody sit your bitch ass down and
Listen to this true mothafuckin' story told by Kendrick Lamar on Rosecrans, ya
Triple X, dvd's, I got a whole stack in
Was snapped out of my daydream by something that I seen
I left the tissue full of spunk on the floor by my jeans
the hottest hits in the club drinkin'
Never trickin' on a pigeon, yo who I'm bringin'
The glock is hittin', but it's reachable by hand
I'm ma beat you wit this,
fuckin' thing I do I'll

Yeah, Immortal Technique, Rassy
Nigga, I never forget nothing nigga

Fifty-one percent of the World Bank is owned by the U-S
the time be castin' hex, but
I never put much stock in them pins or shrunken heads, what
Did reading comics give me? it's Superman to Lex, but
I was twelve,