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Knave:		Sure, I don't mind.
St. George:	What do you do for a living?
Knave:		I'm a knave.
St. George: Didn't I pick you up on a 903 last year for
George was born somewhere inside London town 
Working as he grew for that extra pound. 
Respected by all he married and made a home. 
To give his
Nice man george, newsagent on the corner
Not very rich, but never any poorer
Jaunty old george, a happy sixty-three
Not very tall, but healthier than
Nice man george, newsagent on the corner,
Not very rich, but never any poorer,
Jaunty old george, a happy sixty-three,
Not very tall, but
Don't kiss me, darling
I want you to hear the things I say
I loved you in my way
But you know I'm gonna leave you

Knave:		Sure, I don't mind.
St. George:	What do you do for a living?
Knave:		I'm a knave.
St. George: Didn't I pick you up on a 903 last year for
love someone you should say it often
You never know when they'll be layin in a coffin
Wake up, it's important that you know that
No one on Earth is
[George Clinton]
A fox hes got a fox.
Mr. Wolf, hes the guy
Who ran the woods and ate Grandma
But a dog is a dog is a dog is a dog
galloping by

"George, they're catching up to us!"
"Get back in the wagon woman!"

Two wheels on my wagon
And I'm still rolling along
Them Cherokees
of me
Baby never give up
Don't stop now
Its never too much

Never give up
Never give up
Hold on babe
Never give up
Oh, oh, oh
Never give
The magenta's following behind
Wake up

Runners give a grinding halt
Last night left to spend apart
Your bags are packed by now for home
Stories of the tour
my mind 
Most of all when she turn around and 
Give mi that fancy smile 
All through that, this girl never want mi 
Because a B.M.C. her husband
the summer heat

By the way, did you get your girl,
Did you by your house in the country? 
Did you wait for something that never came? 
Did you die still
This is the night, light up the fire in the forge
We're not the coins in the coffer of old king George

One if by land two if they come by sea
were crazy, crazy in love like you've never know,
She said baby don't you ever let me go

We were fast car, top down,
George Straight singin' bare feet,
[master p]
Yeah an I'm here to see king george
Is y'all gonna let that fool outta jail

[tobin casten]
Sit down just for that I'm gonna give that
(George Jones - Johnny Mathis)
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I been lonely much too long I'd give a Yankee
Oh oh, give it to me please, whoa

Well I stepped inside, and I stood by the door
A dark-eyed girl sang and played the guitar
world but never been to Florida

They holdin' my shit, all winter
By the time the shit drop, I done already been there
The game's fucked, a thousand
To be the last of the good samaritans?
Stop punching walls don't cut yourself
Try shifting some burden onto someone else
Don't give up hope if
Written by: John Mellencamp and George Green
In the shadows of the smokestacks
Through the black snow that lay on the land
Walked home one winter
was peddling 'caine
In the, form of crack, she said that was a no-no
Cause it's a poor man's girl, and I will never give love
To how fast heroine,
valley you was higher then self
Work, short from another fly guy
By george i think he's got it 
Chicks gooms and lump sums
Trickering 5-0 wild to be like
us medicine which is poison
Doctors injecting our infants with the poison
Religion misoverstood is poison

Niggas up in my hood be getting shot giving
Key Largo
Runnin' Nat narcotic
By George he got it
Takin' makin' the G erotic
And the fiends they scheme
So he can put 'em down
But his method is