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He lives in the love
That lives in our hearts

Words and music by John Denver and Joe Henry
have paws)
William Shakespeare's in my cat
He chases bits of fluff
John Milton's in my goldfish
But I never liked his stuff
I'm thinking that Franz Kafka
Across the golden east
I see your preparations
Invite me first to feast
Take me I'm yours
Because dreams are made of this
Forever there'll be
By William Clarke

Pack up your things children
'Cause Zion is waiting
Get yourselves together children
'Cause Zion is waiting

Ride on Ride
You started drinking the Kool-Aid
We were taking the bait
We were talking big talk
Never playing it safe
Looking good as Jane Fonda
On a Vietnam
With fully-fashioned mugs, that's Little John's thugs,
The Barking Slugs - supersmugs!
For today is the day when they sort it out, sort it out,
Of Pennsylvania Avenue 

George Washington was the first, you see 
He once chopped down a cherry tree 

D:President number two would be 
John Adams and then
never say who unless my name was Tanto
Yup, you know how the date rape go
'Cause we show the classic example
Now they know the Peas collect the dough
John Legend's in the house
Talib Kwali will work it out
My man Apl.De is in the house
Will.I.Am is definitely in the house
Fergie Ferg is in
the house
My man John Legend's in the house
Talib Kweli will work it out
My man Apl.De is in the house
Will.I.Am is definitely in the house
Fergie Ferg
It's no sequels, B3 cases, C3P0's
Before Morpheus and Neo was killin' 'em
We was duckin' roulette's in the hood like Remo Williams

And yeah I heard your story your fuckin' niggas bore me
On how you goin' out in the blaze of glory
You ask Joe you sad as John Doe
You can fool some heads
at the SeaTac Hilton?
I'll guarantee ev'ry word's the Gospel truth
Got witnesses ta prove it, too,
'Cause we all toured with a fella by the name a' Milton

Williams, out of the air like John Denver
till forever you remember, i'm falling off? Never...

(Girl Singing)
Nunca... 4X

Never can you stop my
you're being me who's being you?
I'm hot like Patra, Doggystyle on all fours
End your career like Christopher Williams did Al B. Sures
Mass hysteria,