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me now
Tell me now
Don't wait till the end
It's either me or your friends
Yeah, yeah, yeah

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Come home to my future wife and every night she'll flip 
She end up catchin rights to her lips behind diapers and shit 
But I like when we split drink
We on that drank we on that drank
I got 20,000 on me by mistake
How can I not ball until everything fade away
How can I not, how can I not

How can I
And its affectin me so strong, sleepin hea and sleepin thea
Not havin a place to call my home, this is wrong
I ain't neva had it hard like this
But momma
a vendetta
get Saddam by any means and make man chedda
in 4 years you grow 600 million
the bush family
oil tycoons
they're worth billions
you even pissed