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Parody of Any Man Of Mine by Shania Twain (S. Twain/R. Lange) Loon Echo Music (BMI)/Zomba Enterprises (ASCAP)

New lyrics by Cledus T. Judd
Last Christmas I went up in niceville, for a little vacation,and ah, boy I love Shania Twain, boy I tell you what,she makes me hornier than a retard
Tell you what, I was madder than Janet Reno's blind date. 

I met this guy a while back, looked like Shania Twain. Only a little shorter, and, uh, faces
and honky tonk

From outlaw country to gangsta rap
Together we's riding home
From Soul Train to Shania Twain
Wes got it going on
Yippie yi yo look at her go
Can't wait till I get her home

She's incapable
Of being difficult
Down to earth-able
Shania Twain
Ain't got a dad blang thing
Like a mix 'tween Shania Twain and a chain gang
When you roam pay attention to they song before you clone it
Like disciples on a boat finding fish we