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Nacho Libre [Original Soundtrack] (Hutchinson, Hutch) · Ana Jose Nacho (Mecano)

We got great nachos, 
At a great price.
We got great nachos,
At a great price.

Do you like cheese?(Yea)
Do you like cheese?(Yea)
Then you'll like
said, I'm Na'cho Mama
Na'cho Mama
I'm Na'cho Mama, Na'cho Girl 
I didn't bring you into this world
I'm Na'cho Mama

The wild bunch rode on down
I'ma ruffle some feathers with this shit here mane
Ante up!

Rich nigga shit, you out your league
Keep that broke shit over there, this nacho
I'ma ruffle some feathers with this shit here mane
Ante up!

Rich nigga shit, you out your league
Keep that broke shit over there, this nacho
She said, "I'm na'cho mama!"
"Na'cho mama!"
"I'm na'cho mama, na'cho girl, I didn't bring you into this world!
"I'm na'cho nama!"

The wild bunch
por todo mi cuerpo

Hablaban de nacho
Es el coronel
Señor respetado
El siempre lo fue
Algo inesperado
Como pudo ser
Que sigan encontrado
Oh ouho
Me voy enamorando
Los del romantiqueo, oh ouho
Me voy, me voy enamorando, oh ouho
Chino, Chino y Nacho
Me voy enamorando (Nacho)
somewhere far probably drinking a whiskey
I dating Jack Daniel's and Caleb - Swiss Miss, Micky - T,
Nacho's with cocoa  hey, to each his own
Lovely people,
or three
Let me give you a tip, just try a nacho chip
It's really good  with bean dip

I eat uno, dos, tres, quatro burritos
Pretty soon I can't fit in my
Chino, don, nacho el rey, que viva la revolución vale, 
El Orfanato
Chino, Nacho se revelaron los chamos, Don Richie Peña

Son abrazos que te dan
On the way to JFK
Before I get on the plane
12 hours with David Julian Levi
Woke up to water slides
Woke up to giant pools
Woke up to nachos in
I was in an Arizona tavern
I sat down to dinner
Chicken fajitas with nachos and peppers
A bite stuck in my windpipe, it gave me a fright
I choked

De parte del capo Sinaloense
Nacho Coronel también es jefe
No sabe si la muerte se invento.

Autoridades y enemigos
Son las plagas que atacan
Don Nacho nació en la sierra y se crió bajo los montes 
Muy apenas fue a la escuela y aprendió a escribir su nombre 
La vida y aquellos años así
trampa de pasiones que ahora llevo dentro
Solamente estoy pidiendo una oportunidad

Chino y Nacho
Los del romantiqueo
Haciendo historias de amor
the hills of Beverly!
Walk with your credit card in the air!
Swing your nachos like you just don't care!
(Your guess is as good as mine)

This is
goodbye to the wife & kids
I?m ready to move in to a perfect world
Nacho cheese and anarchy
Boy that sure sounds good to me
Every kind of drug is free
oh oh, woah oh oh, I love sangria wine

In Austin on a Saturday night
Ever clear is dumped into the wine sometimes
Then you add nachos and tacos,
A caído un jefe muy fiel al cartel
Agarrándose a balazos con guachos
Yo se que sabe muy bien el cuartel
A muerto nacho coronel

Ciudad de
No more pie now
No more creme brulee
Lay off the gravy
And souffle
No french fri-yi-yies now
No ice cream parfait
Mr. Cheese Nacho
Stay away

Oh, I
those blocks
A nigga cheese dripping, I like my nachos hot
As far as green niggas, yeah you might get got
Breaking down my key, trying to see me
got a new pastime to chew on.

I'm a Weight Watcher,
I'm a plate watcher.
Watchin' food go by,
My, my, my.

Plate of cheese nachos.
I gotta watch those.
Levanta tu mano (mackediche)
Si estas esperando el Friday el Friday
Chi chi chino y nacho
Richy peña oh!
Esperando que llegue que
And what they don't want...

Strange boy
Scrounging through his pockets.
Scraping over nachos
And a microbrew.
Stuck in the middle one sucking up, up town
bottled water and my nachos,
It came in under twenty bucks
I got this bad taste in the back of my mouth
From my time on the back of a bus

this summer