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The mystery game

Telling odd stories
From a distant past
Most are remembered
The good and the bad
Like an old winding river
In a curious plot
His story

Strong and wrong
You lose everything
Without the heart
You need
To hear a robin sing
Where have all the songbirds gone?
I find it easy to believe
that he might question his beliefs
The beginning of the Last Temptation
Dime Story Mystery

The duality of nature,
so sing along

One more, one more, one more, one more
I got one more story to tell
Mystery, my story
I got one more story to tell
True story, my
Mysteries of ages told, stories now will unfold
Tales of mystic days of old are hidden in these walls
Hear the witches play their tunes, sing their
appropriately a mystery
She tells my story back to me she said I'll live this chapter
Till eternity
his story
A man with mystery

A man with mystery
A man without history
A man with his story
A man with mystery
about in the form of a snake
Disappearing into the impenetrable gloom of the mysterious orifice

Then a man came around, trying to solve the mystery
The story has no mystery
There is no hope for jerks like me
of stacks everywhere you look
There are stories about mystery and sports and famous lovers
To pick one out from all the rest
You've got to open up
Adventure and mystery
When all was not well
I sung you to sleep
Crept into the cracks
Of your imagination
Made you feel happy
When things
Eyes are the windows to the soul, 
Through which all mysteries unfold. 
Stories and secrets untold, 
When I look in your eyes, I lose all control.
In every heart a story is told.
There's a way you can believe in forever.
In every life the story unfolds,
Like a mystery for you to see
And tear
would promise tomorrow

A crucial turning point in time and space and history
Now why she can't forget it seems to be a mystery
Well you know how
to his command
I'm warning you, the worst is yet to come
The killer who, remains a mystery

I that believe in the stories of old, would never fight it
shouldn't be a mystery
Our stories real history
Not his story
We gonna work it one day
Till we all get paid
The right way in full, no bull
Talkin', no
all mysteries
And can see the story's end
Though my faith can move mountains
Without love I'm nothing

Love is the law, the law is love
Love is
keep me on the edge somehow

And every day with you is still a mystery
With the sweetest story's falling from your lips
I hold on to every word,
all mysteries
And can see the story's end
Though my faith can move mountains
Without love I'm nothing

Love is the law, the law is love
Love is
might forget to
If it's only from a story
Keeper of mysteries
River of tears
After it's over
And after the years are passing
Never asking

Move me
and the littlest walks
You better learn how to walk the walk

As far as I can see
It's really no big mystery 
It's the same old story
No ring, no
you when I was seventeen
I would know all the answers to your mysteries
I could tell the stories about us in the past
And how the days of winter didn't
With the untold mystery story to tell
About the motherfuckin' West/Side M and the L
We bring Crabs to they knees
Bow down and scream "please!"
I wear up
and back
And a pouch of mystery, which moves

This is the story of Nature Boy

[Repeat: x3]
And the man with the double chin
the passage of
Time forever

History unfolds
As this story's told

(And it's) the mystery of love
How we go on and on forever
(and it's) the mystery