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While plenty with me, is that too believe?
Chance like theater, I no pon the filter
Impressive gyal, gosh I feel me me a weirder
I’m a real gangsta,
a weirder
I’m a real gangsta, I’ma not sis
Should get a gyal to the road like the bishop

Mashup the dance, mashup the dance
Mashup the dance, mashup
Bishop Don Magic Juan
Ain't no shame, in my game
Good game, is happenin everyhere
{*Interlude plays in background*}
Playas in Los Angeles, Detroit,
my name buzzin
And I came in the game with nothin', stop frontin' nigga, talk shit now!

The year of the Blacksmith is not defined by any
The year is 1975, Brooklyn, New York City
A child destined for greatness is born, let's go

Get your hands in the air, get 'em up
Put your hands in
another one dud and is dismissed
Kitty guard your grill, well be for real, you ain't built
I'm silly-ho smacking MC's on a ninety degree tilt
The reason
you, Tyler)
Jesus, motherfucking Theresa
This nigga Game got Wolf Haley for this feature
My team is running shit like we have full-cleat Adidas
and Ed (Ed Lover)
This is for Moo and Lil' Bronson
All tha real niggas in jail
I miss my dawg Ankie Paul
Free that nigga Flav out Park Town
Free Rico
and pearls
they don't mean anything
all that i want
is already here
sitting by my side
you've got nothing to fear


Fifty man dead
beautiful, our boss is dead
There's nothing like an ego feeding

And when I get what I deserve
With love for sale and gold for dirt
I'll worship every
the weed spot, my pockets go broke
We high, we high, we high, we high (say it again)

It's the four horsemen, call reinforcements
We ain't looking for
Burnin' through these rubbers is exhausting
Drop, drop, hot
Baby girl, it's Crossfit
I'm gon' grab you by the hips

I'm flickin' my wrist like
To ever happen, so I just keep rappin'
This real mackin', this ain't actin'


Yeah, Bishop Don Magic Juan
Ain't no shame, in my game
[speaking in Spanish left untranslated]

Chewbacca's not here I'ma do it for your circumcised
niggaz don't realize my format is a palm spectrum
sure does.
Ooh, hm this is alright.
You mind . . . is it alright if I shut my suitcase off?
Shut it off? ? ?
Ha, ha ha ha.
Do you care for one of these
replace my momma
I'm sorry for the hip-hop beefs, we sorry for the drama
But you gotta understand us rappers ain't never had nothing
And one's loss is
real for real
While others worship guns I worship tons of money
Tons of fun, laughin' at shit that ain't even funny
So I ain't pressed to make a CD, I
to keep,
And if I should die before I wake, I pray to the lord my soul to take
For goodness sake
Before I sleep I pray to the lord my soul to keep,
lets talk about this street I know 
Meta meta yo is needed when its time for me to go
I spent my whole life on this KC street
The PASEO where the real
On the top of the ceilings, can't sneak by
Go downs is like blow hounds, we smother the block
Jumping in front of cars, lending niggas four pounds
I actually grew five times my size grabbed
Ma$e by the thigh and slapped a rapper with him
Now that's practicing sacrilegious activism
Attack is for
you killed
Lord have mercy, life is such a battlefield
For real

I don't trust the church or the government
Democrat, Republican
Pope or a bishop
God in all this mess?
Well, see that's the reason for the song
See, wherever you go there's one thing ya got to know
God, is right there by your side
the praise on my lips
I won't fail to admit
I owe it all to(you)
I owe it all to(you)

I dedicate my life and soul to you
My worship is proof of my gratitude
A gentleman is so 1995, so hard for a girl to find
A real husband is so 1999, so hard for a girl to find (What)
'Cause most guys just hit it