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13 days since you came by
Brought the dark clouds in my life
You've been keeping me inside
I am sleeping, ravens fly

Wake me up
It started at an early age, I guess around 13,
I'd hear those engines on the street and my how they would scream.
They'd pull into the driveway
make it here
They got to another thing to learn
Desperately I tried my best
To hold myself in tact
13 going on 21
We're never ever going to look
make a move unless the one-time's comin
And just wait outside and keep the engine runnin, runnin

Man, my pops won't let me drive until the law says
other time

 One thing I'm certain that I know
 All I want to do is go go go
 Everything is rushing by
 My heart is pounding deep inside
I was five years old when daddy started packin'
And I stood there by my mamma
As she cried
And the next thing that we knew
Some old train came
how you run
Many a man has lost his life by trying to make lost time
But if you run your engine right, you'll get there just on time?

Up the road he
Photographs of the best time you had, 
Windows smudged by the speed. 
Leaving home with our bags from Iron Street, 
As morning turned into
a bucket on her arm
Saying, my darling son, be careful how you run
For many a man has lost his life in trying to make lost time
And if you run your engine
War at 33 1/3
Haven't you heard
I got quick and clever
At the level of a scientist
With this list my fist pumps chumps
And don't miss
not divide
Be, if you not be, don't waste my time
Rising, all - be 13, you know what I mean
no, no, baby
1 |5/7 |
And the postcards you send would never (never) mend
B7d6 |6d7 5d7/7 7d7/#1
The pain in my heart when we're apart
|2-7 1/3 2-7/4
are heroic times
So thumb your nose at years gone by
Be hardened, we're a legend
Now love keeps the country green
I know because I've seen
train alone
But the engine tracks straight through your heart
And weighs me like a stone

Oh, it's a hard load to love you
It takes up all my time, having
love them strippers
Yeah, I love them strippers
In my foreign car, got the trunk by the engine
So when I back back, I'm fronting on you niggas

All aboard in Montreal
I heard the conductor call
That old engine heaved a sigh
Suitcases and shuffling feet
I found my way to a windo seat
Put the top down, drive to the sea
Leave the city lights behind me
Let it go
Feel the sunshine on my face
Took some time but I found my place by
would meet death and his soul would leave his body
And after having completed the 13 steps the condemned man was met by a giant cloaked figure
And with
had to leave 
I close my eyes 

'Cause I was with you 
By that time 
Faster and faster and faster-ahead 
As if you were waiting 

For my down
I signed my name

By way of love's express
Sending this message out to you
With time and preciousness
Hopin', prayin', oh, it's got to get through
to that aura

Walking (to the sign) before my eyes
Dreaming (it's too late) to realise
Stop! You've gone too far this time
You're toying with reality
of your greasy antics
My pride's getting hurt by the mile
Blow her engine blow my mind
Keep her shocks and brakes aligned
I see that you're all jacked
The longest train I ever saw
Went down that Georgia line
The engine passed at six o'clock
And the cab passed by at nine

In the pines, in the pines
The caboose went by at nine 

In the pines, in the pines, where the sun never shines 
And you shiver when the cold wind blows 

I asked my captain for the time
Life Time Blues Track 13 2:42
Sonny Boy Williamson I (John Lee Williamson)
(Noah Lewis) 
With Big Bill Broonzy - guitar, Walter Davis - piano