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abide by

I bet 'cha never see me with my head hung low
I bet 'cha never see me with my eyes to the floor
I bet the boys skit, homie they ain't no
Brace yourself 'cause there's no gravity! 

You're in the motherfuckin' Space Olympics! 

Let it be known by every nation 
You'll only get one meal
The crazy painter dwells
And toasted our old photographs 
Still up there on his shelf 

But I can't help but be
Ruled by my antiquity
Not unique just
never got in touch
And may present slight problems
If he loves you half as much 

As I who can't help but be
Ruled by my antiquity 
wanted someone like you
To stand by me, oh baby
I want you to come closer, yeah

Every day I wake up I tell myself
I need you by my side, so badly
a furnace burning coal my goals are bound to burn in flames
Whether achieved or dismantled by the agendas displayed
Can I get a witness to testify?
Open your
a guy in a uniform and a passion that he has
For flashing wit his badge
And shining light in my face
Plus he keep his right hand right by his waist
space medic
Stoned by the commoners for glowing
Pseudo bloaters buy them beats till bloated
Happy trail hitchhikers guide to spanning oblivion
I'm feeling like I used to belong
Running around this place
My theory was 'head home before dawn'
Or end up without a space
My future was some
to the man who showed his outstretched arm to space,
He turned around and pointed, revealing all the human race
I shook my head and smiled a whisper, knowing
I was thinkin' about your face
Just a minute ago
I'll be leaving the simple space
Just to be at a show
I get distracted by the simplest lines
Dipper A-Low:
I suplex the mind with a rhyme that can outrun space and time
Genuine since 89
My hip hop percise with a verbal connectic sixth
at all
Cause I don't need the problem of being at your beck and call

Give me a little time
Can't always have you on my mind
Give me
Street, right where my set be
Go home, pack all your shit and drop off them Vette keys

Anyway, I'm tired of problems, you can catch yo cut
But first drop
the corner
Down at the edge, round by the river

Sudden problems shouldn't take away the startled memory
All in all, the journey takes you all the way
science, here we go

My old man he said to me
"I saw a UFO in '73"
He came here from the Crucible
And left me stuttering this very word, it goes this
Free from paying them bills
Free to come and go when ya feel
Most of all, free from them haters

Verse 1:
[Willie D]
So many problems that exist in my
And dissolve into the abyss, without evolving
Instead of revolving around the habitual problem solver
Research like, George Washington Carver
But no answer so my
I'm a king by blood a soldier by nature
I'm somthin' like a threat to y'all space cadets
'Cause you never met brother nothin' like me yet
it give it or else
I might just lose my mind.

I think I'm entitled to your body gotta
Little problem with personal space and I've been
and help you along
Hey, friendly young spaceman
Are you just a flash on my radar falling from space, man?
I believe in you
Are you the star that I

I opened a prayer
That by the Lord's grace you would come my way
And receive love that won't go away
Celebrate this occasion
With gifts
get your change
By the way don’t you think I’mma care cause I’m not
Got my mind on my money
And the hate don’t really matter, nah
There's no time
the stink, revolutions in my brain!
On one command we wake up, we're a mob
Followin' the madmen we bleed by our eyes,
And one shout gives us a dream
A big
Lately I find I've been walking on tightropes
That stretch through my mind in the spaces I don't know
I've walked and I've fallen
So many times I