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Dat Nigga Daz · Nigga


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over cheese my nigga
What's beef my nigga ridin' by slow mo
Bullet holes in caine and sharif my nigga
Fuck peace my nigga 'cause every time we try
, my nigga (YG my nigga)
My nigga, my nigga (Rich Homie my nigga)
My nigga, my nigga (it's the motherfuckin' world)

Just know I'm down with the niggas
nigga, my nigga (YG my nigga)
My nigga, my nigga (Rich Homie my nigga)
My nigga, my nigga (it's the motherfuckin' world)

Just know I'm down with
three more, 'cause these niggas is emo
And see my altitude, I have a attitude
But I'm a solid ass nigga, what you niggas mad at me for?

You shoulda
Nigga rest in peace, blowing reefer

Cedar Block Bompton Piru, that's on my see through
YG blowing speakers, riding down
Alameda, Alameda
later, Big Spank got killed
And I got robbed, and Ronnie got shot
And I bought my first tape by 2Pac
And I got hard, cause I was smart
I knew that
for the birds, nigga
When from the burns play that drums sick to serve
Keep the gangsta, never been a stranger to danger
24 7 I got my pay him off, back
don't stop
Ain't no party like the YG party
'Cause the YG party don't stop

Six in the morning, don't stop
Nigga, we lend the night to the cops
shirt, Gucci on my hoes, nigga

G'd up in that Gucci
Boo'd up with your hoochie
Victoria Secret, I fucked her in that coochie
YG's doin' okay,
Rockin' a cain, back up bitch, you blockin' my lane
Tryna foul on a nigga 'cause you hot in the flame
Fuck you, and them ho ass nigga's you run wit'
With that roughneck nigga named 2Pacalypse
Representing YG'z yo
Flip Stretch Homicide and my nigga Gambino
Seek and Po can't forget Money Bags
confidential strain, yeah

Pouring up the gin and juice (gin and juice)
Got a nigga feeling loose (got a nigga feeling loose)
Can you roll this blunt for me
That 40 Glock snap like Insta, ain't no need for a caption
I got put on by four niggas, wasn't need for no bandage
I did my stuff like a young

Gimmie wanted some money, gimmie wanted a glock
Niggas be like "give me a hand out"
My whole life ain't nobody gimme shit
G be like, YG be
know ese's and all my enemies bitches wanna sex me
All my YG's give it up, enemies hit 'em up
West side Tree Top gang, we don't give a fuck

Nigga I'm
whats brackin'
That's how we give it up on my side, though
My niggas straight Piru bandits
What's the word?

Chubby nigga from the West side (That's true)
meet in James Bond shit?
Another foreign car driven by a convict
Aventador matte black Akon lips
Nas ether niggas, Game napalm shit
Niggas say my
run, my nigga"

If Pirus and Crips all got along
They'd probably gun me down by the end of this song
Seem like the whole city go against me
Every time

Yeah Yeah
Gangsta like, uh huh
To all my O.G.'s and all my Y.G.'s
Daz Dillinger, Daz kurupt (dat nigga daz!)


I move bricks
Hey what's up, we're The Neighbourhood 
and this is a cover of a song called Me and My Bitch by YG

Used to have a girlfriend
Now all I got is
a thang"
And them red Mulsanne, lookin like I claim blood
And if homie ain’t my homie than I know it ain’t love
Screamin out "4 Hunnid,” YG that's my nigga
Welcome to these city streets
No gang related car crash
And he still won't get no money from these city streets
My crazy life, no YG
Ask the Lord, why me?
like Hi mom
But I'm right back on my nigga shit
Like what, she fuckin' and suckin', she with the shit, let's flip this bitch
Let's flip a pound, send it
and a mile, Y.G. Lil' Hawkster
Denver Lanes and them Crenshaw Mafia, nigga

Mafia Lane
(West Side is in the motherfuckin' house,
Grove Street
Squeeze on my trigger till my gun OD
Ride on my enemies, nigga just in to me
Niggas ain't have ?
Hundred grand chain, you ain't ? like me