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Lil Boosie-Trae the Truth: The Mixtape (Trae Tha Truth) · Ride'n Slab & Actin Bad, Vol. 9 [DVD] (Foxx) · Slab Soldierz Radio (Agonylife) · My Slab "Str8 Top Droppa" (DJ Harvey D) · City Slab Horror (Severed Heads) · Super Slab Hits (Hutchinson, Hutch) · Slab R Die (Trae) · Lullaby CD: Momma Will Rock You to Sleep (Lullaby CD: Chris Warren, Glenn Warren II, Netha Larsen-Schrimpf) · If My Momma Moves to Tennessee (Sharon Luanne Rivera) · Momma I Miss You (Janice Montgomery) – and 90 other albums »

uh, we got guts on the camera. 

"The Joker's Wild is brought to you by:" "Faygo!" 
Everybody sing! "Send ya' momma straight up to tha sto'!