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On the first day of Chri-biip-mas my true love said to me?

Jimmy, are you listening?
You can't say Chri-biip-mas.
Why not?
You can say biiiip
I’m the most loved 
And the most hated (W) 
I don’t care about the game 
'Cause I already played it 
Chris Brown 
Mr. Worldwide 
losing control
She’s got me losing my mind
I’ve lost money
But I haven’t lost time

And if you got time to break down love
You’ll see that love is blind
Come to the church by the wildwood

Oh, come to the church in the vale

No spot is so dear to my childhood

As the little brown church in the vale
of midnight burns out at daybreak,
Don't go out with him.
Darling wake up and see,
I'm waiting patiently.

My love is everything you'll ever need,
in that

Brown paper bag (you're dig)
Brown paper bag (my name is weezy you all)
Brown paper bag (I'm here on behalf of young money cash money)
There's a church in the valley in the wildwood
No lovelier place in the dell
No spot is so dear to my childhood
As the little brown church in
Brand new Chris Brown, T-Pain
You heard it hear first Nappy Boy Radio
We love you


She want that lovey dovey 
you work harder or less

(Young Chris)
Just give it all to my daughter wit death
Until then love me
Cee and Neef baby give us a second
Stand tall when
Believe me when I'm screaming?
I always believe you

There is a knock at the door
Tell me it's not Mimi again
Or is it Gilda's waiting passion to be
and merrily did play
She says, "Young man, your love's subdued, for I'm not ready now
And I'll spend another season at the foot of the sweet brown knowe
So I just call her Miss. Brown Eyes, Miss. Brown Eyes

Next day I was walking on the FL
Could this wanna see her pass me by
Not this time I gotta
all foreign
The game is mine I'm so far in I'm speaking with an accent
Just cartwin, can't even relax in my room,
That brown paper bag money push my
There tro see my Linda Lou
I'm going back to old Kentucky
Where the skies are always blue

Linda Lou she is a beauty
those pretty brown eyes I loved
dreams in a world for two
He holds her hand and she holds his
They never know how good love is
We lost the only chance for me and you

So I'm waiting for
and skin touched by hot winds and sunshine
Will be waiting in Reno tonight and this is the night she'll be mine
Waiting in Reno for my arms to find her
After being lynched for humanitarian deeds,
Giving Brown a hand is exactly what he needs.
So I'm here in West Virginia with my Ouija board,
To bring
or New Haven, or Chicago
Oh yeah, by the way, my name Chris Lowe
Move ya hips lows, love it when ya lips blow
Damn - shorty's standin by the coat check
There to see my Linda Lou
I'm going back to old Kentucky
Where the skies are always blue

Linda Lou she is a beauty
Those pretty brown eyes I
walking out
We 'posed to be in love

How the fuck is you, why the fuck is you falling all in ya feelings?
No understanding I'm ignorant, you gon' prolly say
Baby, I wanna tell you something
For you my heart bleeds

Baby, I wanna tell you something
The way we feel is not a sin
Baby, I wanna tell you
waiting for the day
You'll be back in my arms to stay

As an angel of mercy
Falls from above
They get torn apart by the things they love
God knows
, only waiting for you

I've been living by myself I do not want for someone else
At least that's what I like to say
And it was working till the other
is safe and sound my friend
Compassion built on solid ground
Oh it's joy for both of us to reconcile
Oh yeah under one roof together side by side
maybe I'm imagining the love affair

Got Rick sitting right here
Waiting for you my dear
Wondering if you're ever gonna show, you hoe