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mind will silently shout
A bleeding body is no way out
Forsaken by luck, forsaken by men
Before a heart breaks it has to bend

Heal my heart
It's cold in my veins
The sun has failed ascending from the crypts
Driven by hunger so strong
I am one with the night


Only broken
feel the wind from the wings
I see the clouds and I feel the ocean with my feet
I know I'm home
It requires an ability to judge distance
With love forlorn
With love you'll find your way
My love

The world has turned the day to dark
I leave this night with heavy heart
When I return
lovely, imagine
Wants to know me better, imagine
When he smiles, my poor heart has wings

It must be more than fascination
This is a pure intoxication
and sorry tales
Will never help love grow
Spread your wings my daunted soul
The time has come to go

I will not be hurried down
Or blackened by your
the river was frozen
and my flamingo float away
then i heard the river saying
she has gone to bear your baby
you have been chosen 

As I cross the bridge by the waterfall
As I make my way by the stars
There's a shadow walking beside me
Here in my heart

Like the restless wind in
on its dead frozen leaves

A catnap in the ghost town of my heart
She dreams of story time and the river ghosts
Of mermaids, of Whitman's and the Ride
grow up surrounded
By willful ignorance
You learn that mercy has its own country
And that it's round and borderless
And then you just grow wings
wings covering me
Is this the aftermath of my life
My last and final day
Has the struggle come to an end
And will it all just go away
The Raven
A cigarette that bears a lipstick?s traces
An airline ticket to romantic places
And still my heart has wings
These foolish things remind me of you
ecstacies of hate

Black solstice
Somber wings extinguish the sun
Nocturnal unfurling
Quenching stars one by one

Vomit war crush the sacred heart
Vampiria, you are my destiny
My only Love and true destiny
You┬╣re a beast, evil one
Above your head lays a Star
In your heart is
to fly
And the rain has no mercy
Doesn't want to leave us a place to hide
What's a little rain if you're walking by my side
Streets are empty
Every heart has a story to tell 
Some dreams have wings, some are torn at the seams 
And just sit there on the shelf
If you were to walk in my shoes
In with the ashes 
Or up with the smoke from the fire 
With wings up in heaven 
Or here, lying in bed 
Palm of her hand to my head 
What color is the light of harmony underneath this darkened sky?
Burning bridges and broken hearts,
Suffocation has never felt this good
Why do
gave me wings but took the sky
I am caught in a world that's flying by
Right on course headed to the dawn
Where my heart has gone

I had a dream
I have seen the many faces
I fear in the pain
I have watched the tears fall plenty
From heart ache and strength
So if life's journey, Has you
I try, I'm confused
Where to start without you
My world has been turned upside down

I'm a heart with no beat
Fading fast by the hour
Flailing in
when I say goodbye
But the time has come, let me spread my wings
It's time to let me fly
Let it slide let it slide
I know it hurts when I say
And the world passed them by

Secret Gardens of the heart
Where the old stay young forever
I see you shining through the night
In the ice and snow of winter
Stabbed in the back by a bitter secret. 
A portrait painted black. 
Shed these butterfly wings. 

Regain your larval state. 
My heart is
You can set your watch by me, I'm a regular guy
I get up and then I walk away
But in the pulse of my heart, I'm comin' to you

Your parachute has