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And the Dragon lives inside my mouth 
And it speaks in tongues, the word  
Hellbound, in Ft. Worth, Texas 
Hellbound, Ft. Worth 
Snakes, in Southern
And the Dragon lives inside of my mouth
And speaks in tongues, the word

Hellbound in Fort Worth, Texas
Hellbound Fort Worth

Snakes, in Southern flames
To bring
No presents for his friends

Darcy was sad
As he sat at the edge of the forest, by and by
No gifts would he have to offer his friends
A tear
of nowhere it will rise
Oh, and another journey starts
By the call of the moon

Heart of dragon lies

What can I do
On this road to nowhere
Chasing dragon flies around with
a net in my right hand
I caught seven yesterday,
So I'll catch ten today
My friend fell and
started to cry
So I sat
Rainstorms of ash
Stars on the ground

All around my-y-y saltbreakers
Floating like a butterfly
Stinging like a bumblebee

the sky

I had to eat the sun - my friend
So you don't get blinded anymore
By your own mad dragon

Once you asked - where is the key to your heart
and ever
The first and the last
Alpha omega
Shall always be my friend
From the beginning to the end...woo
H.I.M. a humble lion
He shall trample the dragon
Won't jump on the bandwagon or the train, my friend
The mass is not a fashion or a trend
We're not the saint that go marching in, my friend
And by
And ride, and ride, and ride, and ride

Burn hard, burn hard
Smoldering pieces landing in the yard
Trace names in ash
Big names, old friends 
And dead
what you heard I will die for my dogs
Ain't scared of shit will ride in the fog
Same thing but a bigger size than yours
I fuck with Drag-On ''cause he
will die for my dogs
Ain't scared of shit will ride in the fog
Same thing but a bigger size than yours
I fuck with Drag-On ''cause he spits the flame
I love beats by the Viking and the Alchemist
People get inside my head like John Malkovich
My life is getting complicated like calculus
I feel
Curses from ancient times lie here asleep

The gate of freedom, they say

The dragon at the gate
Will try to make your journey short
So fight my
the president
Someone cut the lights on
Where is Thomas Edison
Got a new condo watch me as I settle in
I deserve a MTV show for me and my people
And if you

And I tell you over and over and over again, my friend
That I'm down with you, even on the eve of destruction

And if this moment is gone in
I walk a hard line, winding road
Don't really know where it's gonna go
Seems like trouble's my best friend
Soon as I get out, I'm back in again
Hoping that life won't pass them by

Non-existing answers
We are now condemned my friends
This is the end

Stay, stay
Right where you are
my friend, 
A way a way a way home 

Tried to walk, found a severed hand 
Recognized it by the wedding band 

Said it's ok, do you want some
Engineer" by the brothers Larcombe
Thinking of the bands I never got a chance to spend my cash on
Ché and his Caballero chucked it in when I said I liked them
my weakness
And I ask to see you again
Yeah I heard you were sorry
By someone you call a friend
In a letter I wrote
That I'll never send

been learning my scene
I been watching my friends move away
I summon my love back to me
And I went down by the seawall
That's when I knew, knew They
and a forty in my mouth
Peeled out in my big black Chevy
Flipped it six times and I knew that I was ready
To straighten up because my best friend died
love for me
Ain't no cat's gon' bust slugs for me
Ain't no cat's gon' shed blood for me
But my dog is gon' be a thug wit' me

If I'm a rob,
The blind led you to the mainline
You already knew the way
You were chased there by the dragon
You knew you'd have to stay
Dying for