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Hey yo when this first started off it was just Linkin Park...
Then in the middle came Motion Man...
And at the end of it all it was Kutmasta Kut wit

Yo, yo, son, that's my word 

Connect dots with all live [niggaz] in the world 

Start some thesis, exiled, long releases 

Though we got

Yo, yo, son, that's my word 

Connect dots with all live [niggaz] in the world 

Start some thesis, exiled, long releases 

Though we got
Making the rhythm and rhyme collide

Linkin Park [To Fade]
to lie here in darkness
Naked safe, undisturbed
Floating blind in water
In my little world of dirt

I live underground, born in a tank, on a day I
(feat. Linkin Park)

[Chester Bennington]
Together we made it
We made it even though we had our backs
Up against the wall

[Busta Rhymes]
I'm told I had my obligations
December night, I tried and tried and tried, but
We held our lives by the whims that govern conversations
We held our
put his favorite records on
Innerparty and Linkin Park
He'd close his eyes and he'd sing along
But he'd never make it on his own
It's not the time
a ride and carrying knapsacks
In the park by the Thames Drinking tea
Sitting in pubs and living in walk-ups
Learnin' the accent
of a Down,
Fell asleep in Linkin's Park and woke up in Marcy's Playground.
Sniffing White Stripes with a Seven Nation Army,
Waiting for Marilyn Manson to egg
Overlooking the mountains

On dark December days, I think of all my friends
From Washington to Maine, New York to Sweden
And how we've all grown closer with
on the Backstreet
You can live in Linkin Park, no matter jus to me
See the Prince of Peace is guaranteed to give ya what ya need [2x]


One day these
Tuesday morning, 8:15
I was riding to work on the
Jackson Park Express
Seemed like any other day
Then my whole world changed
In a way I never could
a spaceman
Digging out my heart
In some distant sand dunes
In a car park

By the empty harbour
Where the phantoms fall
Fight for happy valley
Please don?t disappear, this love, forevermore

Let?s stack our kisses and illustrate December
For those days with you, I live today
I want to see
Lady all night I've dreaming
Of days that you spent by my side
The best days of my life, don't you remember
We were together you & I

to stop it now
Don't waste your motor, ha
'Cause that don't bother me
Or live without you
'Til it don't bother me
So before you park
While I'm tryin'
Yeah, yeah
I never had a role model
I was loading gold hollows in my little Glock-40
A little shorty, heart colder than December in the morning
And I
own weight up in crab meat
And there's plenty of that down there by the sea
Well, we're sailing in those warm December breezes
Sendin' picture post
on in there?
Let me in

It's cold there in December
So I took my coat and left
Left Undine by the embers
That's all our fire had left
Left Undine

December nights, all cuddled up
Warmed by the fire and sharin' a cup
Of hot cocoa and laughin' at old photos

Spanish guitars, sand and the sea
Late last night at rest with my mate
I'm visited by a victim of hate
A spectoral group, yet they're one and the same
They would never live
Nor would
across the ocean.

But I feel safe in the light of my computer, 
This is how I choose to live,
Fixed in stone a man will wither, 
Running waters are
I live on the west side, by the county reservoir
And she lives down on depot street, behind the city hall
Behind the city hall

Her father's name
Deep greens and blues are the colors I choose
Won't you let me go down in my dreams
And rockabye sweet baby James

Now the first of December was covered