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of night?
If only I could break the curse inside,
Does it matter if we live or die?

Send her and I'll surrender.
Execute me with a romance.

The spirit laughs. I curse thee captain. And your ship to wander the earth.
And all the souls you'll ever engage. Won't live long enough to tell
I have a burden of pure vengeance
That I was damned with from my birth
And it will the force that drives me
Until the day I quit this earth

You live
I've seen the darkness
Beat down on the world
Demons awaken into the fallen souls
Love crushed by the people's folly
Sometimes I become aware
a triscar
Bi-charred inferno by far the weapon used to spar
Too many SQUADS to boil my temper's soul
Console my wretched side every time my lyrics' exposed
Words that we rehearsed and we've conversed and now we curse 
And we're waiting for the rest of our lives to pass us by 
Oh to be bold and brazen
Called by the gods, and given a sign

Onward pounding into glory ride
Sign of the hammer be my guide
Final warning all stand aside
was all broke, 
I looked like ashes and smelled like smoke
And I turned away from my loving kind, 
Try to leave my body and live in my mind
But it's
to live
The world will be unkind

No, no curse upon my name
No way I look at a bad guy
And think that I'm the same
No, I won't be blamed
I live
they walk, commanding your affection
They need to be needed, deceived by motivation
An opportunity, to further situation
Why they so important, is
we can
Many will die by our hands
But will it be good enough?

This is our holy crusade of light
We have to fight for our rights to live
This is
He has anointed me to reach the lives of men
To teach words of wisdom to fulfill his holy plan
It is in his divine order to love with all my heart
I slept in sheets the colour of fire
Tonight I lie alone again and curse my own desires
Sentenced first to burn and then to freeze
And watch by

I stand a new creation
Baptised in blood and fire
No fear of condemnation
By faith I'm justified

I will rise
I will rise
As Christ was
Secret Curse
Terrible blight I'm deafened by sound and blinded by light
Caught when I flee and beat when I fight and I'm cocky when wrong
And timid when
Times're gettin' hard boy money's almost gone
Times're gettin' hard boy time to move along
Gonna take my true love by the hand lead her from this
The damned and the curse of the dead
Decay by my side
Desolation comes on like a storm
Hold me to the end of time
And though sacrifice will be made
We live in every moment but this one 
Why don’t we recognize the faces loving us so

What’s God if not the spark that started life 
Possessed by evil hell
Satan's wrath will kill
He will take your soul
Cast you to hell

Demons dogs domain
Keeping me insane
Evil curse my
Captivated by the way you love me
I hold my breath and pray it never ends
If it's all a dream then please don't wake me
I'd rather sleep forever than
curse is endless
Like the vacant in your eyes
They see me moving
Targets once again
Wounded, disarmed
Fear my only friend
These tales of heartache
Sickened by the feelings within
Laughing at my pain

Forget the lies, live the reality

Waiting for a chance to indulge
In this "sinful
are the  things 
I wish for you
Deep in my heart
How I hope they come true

And then you'll know
When bad turns to worse
What it's like to live
out of me 
Take my power and trade it away 
Now I live in Kryptonite 
Do what I must to have it again 
And I'll explode the planet tonight 
than one try
Indulge your ineffective curse
I will never die
You think by killing me tonight
My powers will not rise
There'll be nowhere for you