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strengthen him and lose your own 
Well shoot that fucker if he walk near the throne 
Remind him that this is my home (now I'm gone) 
Welcome to the united
says, whoa, wo, baby oh, my baby
You have to know you have to know

She knows in her heart
That he will stand by her
Anywhere don't cry, baby
I can
Welcome to the world
Of my Georgia Girl

She moved south as a child
Push the child into the wheel 
Make your memories long 
Take the leap into the space 
Don't look back in fear 

Now here my voice 
Baby, I made
Last night I dreamed a sweet sweet dream I thought I saw my home sweet home
And oh how grand it all did seem I made a vow no more to roam
By that
home, I bid you welcome, I bid you welcome
Welcome home from the bottom of my heart
Out here on the edge
The empire is fading by the day
And the world
fueled by belief

Home, welcome home, take a little walk
Take a little walk right through my
Home, this is home
Take a little walk, take a little walk
wagon, welcome wagon 
Till the bitter end 

No one is home 
Next time 
Leave a message 
On my telephone 

Can you hear 
Scottish bagpipes 
saved (saved by my own grave)

Pray on (pray on my child)
Oh yeah (pray on my child)
I got a home on high (yes, I got a home on high)

I remember
My wild child she's my home.

Lost. Is the place
Where I'm hammering stakes.
Sign says, "A lucky one done in by too much love."
Saved. Is
now is like watching a fish on dry land.
I only wish you could see me down in the islands, mister that's my home.
What a fool I was to leave the only
Welcome to my world
Step right through the door
Leave your tranquilizers at home
You don't need them anymore

All the drama queens have gone
the story goes 
You didn't dig my flow 
You didn't dig my flow 

But you're still welcome,welcome 
Anytime you want some 
Make yourself at home cause
your mouth, peace to Poco on a 14 year bid 
For jackin' mad kids, respect all my gangsta's doin' bad shit 
An' that's it, Mad Child does nitroglycerin
In our world, malaria kills a child every 30 seconds
11 million children die every year of malnutrition

(To all new arrivals, welcome)
In our world,
I've been in honky tonk saloons
I took my liquor by the vat
Well I stayed on call for a rousing brawl
Home was where I hung my hat

When the sunset in the sky
And flowers never die, babe
Friends don't pass you by
Because that's my home

When the folks say, "How de do?"
Like they
When the sunset in the sky
And flowers never die, babe
Friends don't pass you by
Because that's my home

When the folks say, "How de do?"
Like they
I said I, I left my wife and child (Lubie come back home)
And lord my conscience is about to drive me wild (Lubie come back home)
A little voice
world is gonna take you
Gonna take you by storm child
You will be hurt and there will be pain, yeah
But there will be love just the same, yeah
Long way from home 
Welcome to the pleasuredome

Moving on keep moving on
I will give you diamonds by the shower 
Love your body even when it's old
my business
How I been fuckin you bitches right
Yeah you witnesses my life
Imperial night, in the ghetto holdin my medal tight
Still, in Emerica
the floor
And the fish swam like moonlight
Through your child's closing door
And morning is the long way home

The fisherman was drowning
By his broken
Coming up close
Everything sounds like welcome home
Come home, and oh, by the way

Don't you know that I could make
A dream that's barely half-awake
wandering friend.
Accept my welcome home.
I hope you can stay a long, long while before you have to go.

And she walked across the room to me,
And then she