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I've got a hundred proof heartache and a case of the blues
My baby's gone and left me I've lost all I can lose
I've got a hundred proof heartache my
Baptized in 100 proof and saved by the blood of the lamb
This is the New South, still drink our tea from a Mason jar
We're the backbone of this country
And hundreds (and hundreds)
And hundreds of butterflies
Lift off from around him
(Lift off from around him)
That's all I can remember
(Lift off from around
Owe her 100 favors, I call her my 100 proof
Man I heard about an angel

Now I’m sitting here sippin’ on the last bit of vodka
All I ever see is
good time fun


When I die don't cry for me
Don't bury me at all
Place my livin', laughin', lovin' bones
In a jar of alcohol
This world, my heart, my soul
Things that I don't know
The icicles they grow
They never let me go
Scars are left as proof
But tears they soak
the things I can't
Here's to you my hundred proof friend
Go on and so your thing
She's just a line away from falling
Going wild and honky tonking
of Bourbon Street
I strike a match
And all the street lights catch
Theres you
Dancing on a roof
You say you love me 100 proof

You move inside
If I still require proof (All the people)
Well the rain beats on my roof (I love her)
If I still require proof (She's gone)
my first goal
Is to survive and ima do it to survive.

We're livin proof, we risk it all we crash and fall, we break through walls
We're livin
Don't sleep all week only when they fall down 

A hundred Rumble boys and Tumble girls 
Protected by steel in a private world 
Tomorrow's famous faces
Owe her 100 favors, I call her my 100 proof
Man I heard about an angel

Now I’m sitting here sippin’ on the last bit of vodka
All I ever see is
her 100 favors, I call her my 100 proof
Man I heard about an angel

Now I’m sitting here sippin' on the last bit of vodka
And all I ever see is your
On the map it shows the mountain
But I'd never seen a glimpse
Of the hundred miles of vista
Represented by an inch

That was just a trail of bread crumbs
to come up mathematically
I did it for the city but now everybody mad at me
Motherfuck em all they sweat from my balls
If I drop another album I did that
But some of us are stuck in a cell
All you need is love, love, love
And a bloody good tunnel as well

You could get here by aeroplane or boat
on me
A hundred hound dogs on my trail
And I'll skip the state like Jesse James
Tennessee law man on my tail
The helicopters circle
Like vultures in
Fuck up my bitch by the change
Brought me from trap house to stage
I wanna jump in the air
You know the love ain't fair

You killin then show us
bathroom often
Taking punk MCs out, I'm all about
My to-do list today is turn the party out
Getting hot in here no room to breathe
I got my pen in my
To see the proof yo!
Imagine a contraption that could take us back when
The world was run by black men
Back to the future
Anything can happen
If these are
Lightning bugs buzzing 'round the piss elm tree
I'm a hundred miles form reality
Take a big drag-suck it all in
Blow it out the window, let it
I've been known to tie one on and honky tonk til half past three
But the party don't get started til my baby pours her love on me
She's a hundred
to deceive

I'll believe it when I see it, for myself

I don't need no one to tell me about heaven
I look at my daughter, and I believe.
I don't need no proof
on the roof,
The bourbon is a hundred proof,
Its you and me and the telephone
Our destiny is quite well known.

We don't need to sit and brag.
All we gotta do is
my sleeping bag
But all you want to do for me, mama
Is a rag mama rag, there's nowhere to go
Rag mama rag, come on risen up the bow

Rag mama rag,