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paradise, but all I found was this

Ooh, the hills are on fire
Ooh, the valley is dry
I sold my soul for a pocket full of gold
And I still can't get by
Illusions conducted my life
Blurred and ailed eyes
The curtain darken the broken mirror
I no longer fear them
As I'm losing the grip of it all
Is something missing in my touch, a tension tugging at my smile?
If there's a right thing to say, I'm sure I missed it by a mile
Swallowed in some
the morning
Then make my Velvet Jesus Bed
I want some Holy Trini-Tea Bags
Covenant Candy fish ... and loaves of bread

Gold plated Crown of Thorns Messiah Ring
Seduced by sin, I am not a saint
Go ahead if you like to but I ain't
'cause I've seen, the devil's face
How addiction pulled kids into disgrace
And I do now
be 'filed by me
Saint Anton's well sall be my drink
Since my true Love has forsaken me.
Marti'mas wind, when wilt thou blaw (blow),
And shake
and skipped straight to the pub
I got my pops freaking out about his son and I'm juggling the stress of an artist by getting drunk
No difference 
I escape
[Intro: Killah Priest]
Time... come...
Wake up... what?... wake up..
I can't get up yet
What we have here is the experiment
(My eyes, I can't
My life is on a flight that's goin' down
My mother had an abortion for the wrong child

Well, the time I felt love that's gone now
Been replaced by
say my house stink 

Call myself a saint, cause I won't touch a bowl of food 

I gives a fuck, just don't interrupt my Looney Tunes