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from the car, step away from the car
We're a wild and rowdy bunch when you pass us by 
Bobby's buggin' baby sister and makin' her cry 
If I have
Longin for the days of running numbers and starting street fights
With those who didn't play by the rules

In the shadow of the Apple and a swamp away from
You know you can 
You know you can 

Involuntary muscle spasm assassin busts with a passion 
Listen to how Canibus re-enact this
Who you foolin.. only foolin (2X)
Yo, I stay cousin to this, introducing Mr. Dave Banner
Scannin proper with my sight muscle
This rap
trees don't even mix coke with the Henney
Flow with so many styles ladies open all night like Denis
24 hours party people soakin' in the Remy and Cris'