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Band Crazy, Vol. 1: A Compilation For Multiple Sclerosis (Hutchinson, Hutch) · Facets: Music for Solo & Multiple Trumpets (John Holt) · Multiple Offenses (Slowdeck) · Multiple (Aleks Syntek) · Walk Away [DMD-Multiple Track] (Funeral for a Friend) · 360° [Platinum Edition] (Too Phat) · 360 Sound: The Columbia Records Story [Deluxe Edition] (Ted Lewis & His Band) · 360 Urban Groove (Jimmy Sommers) · 360 Degrees (Cipher) · 360° (Chelo) – and 90 other albums »

right through those hateful scars
It's a matter of time before we right these wrongs
We can start by using my chainsaw
The tongues come out first
this shit too far
I'm like an ox, brother my box-cutter leavin a scar
All my peoples are connected
That shit y'all spit on records is infected and dead
Why now am I smitten?
My wings melted off by the sun
Amidst a retina divided to fractions
All fragments victims of apprehension

Benighted by
misread the lines in the palm of my hand
Cause, they're random scars caused by slap boxin' with landlords
I ran with the dogs till I realized they were all
you scheming, comtemplate
	only results in a 360 action
	but if it come back then I'm pumping double-action
	blasting, tearing nigga's physicals in
Fuck this world, that's why we carry on
By the Email Fidel, tell him meet me on the D.L.
No longer a free world, think of shank or Verra'
crazy, but y'all not stupid 
its 99 im killings you women and kids 
fuck scar-face watch me, i'm more action to see 
than them motherfuckers that y'all
Gang bangin' ain't go' never die, as long
As niggaz ain't got nothing we go' be thuggin' forever high
Ain't no more drive by's, niggaz chase you down