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Good morning Mr. Edminton
Mr. Edminton how are you feeling today?
I trust that life is treating you
The way that you want it to
Of course I'm
And on my decision I'm not proud
But by the grace of God I'm here right now
Help being good and older
So it's alright
I know it may sound
That's right we on exile
Them ol heads from strong I the velt
No love good lookin out
But damn sure felt

Hear me fear me appeared to
The sequel
S.D.F.S.D. had her seeing double
The envelope looked like a good Chinese puzzle
Yes, I got those letters you wrote me when we were fifteen
By younger son
the good shit to post, 
Tryin' to bake a whole thing, this fool claim that the pot broke, 
But here goes 5 g's an dubbs, 
You can probably catch mo 'cause
wish I could kill the, cousin and niece
Bury em all in pieces
You ask me why I live this way
Man fuck the K.K.K.

Dear Mr. Whitey could you please
a figure five, so we love that k-k-k-k

[Jagged Edge - repeat 2X]
Cut up, gettin brains, in the Range
We love to cut up cause we like them freaky
I'm a fool wit laying pipe plus she know I'm good,
I got a spot for the yay Uncle Pete keep the K's,
Auntie Shirley got the money if they rush then we
Call it puppy love, Curtis and Tisha in the tree

She was pregenant by me once, glad she didn't have it
'Cause I be paying child
Smoke a hoe smoke a hoe smoke two smoke a few
Got my motherfuckin' crew now what you want to do?
B.U.S.H.W.I.C.K. blowin' niggas away
Doin' this type
Let's go

I go by "Weezy, the Don"
Magnificent nigga, lot of ice around my neck, and freezin' the arm
And if a nigga decide to test, their chest get
If you don’t got no strap, go and get you two guns
Got a bitch so fine with me, she make me want 2 sons
I told her baby call me Mr. Never Ever Use
know you can´t see me

'Cause I´m a subculture hero
Subculture hero

I fell down and broke a head or two
But yet still by
Then all of a sudden I
Take his fuckin' cheese
Count them g's
Then go overseas
To them damn Columbians make them drop it off
Say nigga please
Back to the hood
With them good
G.O.O.D. Music shit, my logo’s a Lambo (damn)
Four doors of ammo,
Ammunition I’m pitchin’ to make your body, switch another position

I hope the people
day it's E-be-K 
Where niggaz load they straps cause the rival's on the way 

Locc to da brain...

[Verse 2: Big Dan]
Now try to peep this watt G
Come on
1 2 1 2 uh uh
1 2 1 2
Mr. Meth and Doc
1 2 1 2
Uh uh 1 2 1 2
DJ Scratch on the track
1 2 1 2
Wa wa 1 2 1 2
Break your motha fuckin back
1 2 1
of Christmas my homeboys gave to me 
Three pounds of indo 
Two birds of cocaine 
And a A muthafuckin' K bitch. 

Eazy-E oh Eazy-E 
Show us how you treat
can't live without some TRU niggas on your team 

Chorus x 2 

Verse 2: [Magic] 

Damn it feels good to be a TRU nigga 

Not a worry
clever lyricist

Hi-see the pearl rabbit never fear a bitch
K and D from 2nd II None my homies from elementary
To the new century

Well, I guess by
stand tough, hands up, damn ya
If you don't get it get rid of it, trip if you diggin' it
I guess I got more than my balls, and my word
I got broads in
Mr. Cee ]
3, 2, 1, comin in with a bang
It's 2 dark-skinned niggas, not a muthafuckin gang
Pimps with limps, never known as simps
We smoke dank, not
all of you, calm down. That's good, O.K. everyone in your own seat, that's
good. O.K., now, little Stevie Vai is going to play a composition
(Chorus- K-Dee) x2 


I lay these hoes, slay these hoes 

Play these hoes, never pay these hoes 

Between bitches and hoes man they really
and let your mind be free
And by the way welcome to the party

Uh uh excuse me Mr. Kid Rock (what's up?) can I do my thing
Uh, can I have a little something