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Touched by a butterfly on my way home 
Flying who knows where 
Walking down that dusty road 
Without a care 

The sun was shining up in the country
One by one we watched them fall,
Like trees on the country side.
Yeah you stayed right with me babe,
The river was rolling tide

Oh you stay,
Pressed my lips on your sun-burnt skin
On a road by the river bend
Standing underneath the dead end sign
We swam around underneath the moon
For the Jim, Jack, Johnny
And the Maker’s Mark
For them little country towns
And them trailer parks
And Ima rep till I DI
A lotta y’all
This time

The night before
It could be me but it seemed like I needn't return
That's right little johnny gets to go and fight his war
And as he rides
Moving on to the next after killing my prey
Growing steadily easier each one I'd slay
By blood and by battle, making my way
Onto the breach and into
country fries 'em up
Pull um in duffle bag then I roll 'em in a river then I hold up
Watch what the fuck you hold up
Dynamite sticks will blow up
the next quick fix. 
Unpopular prophets with problems 
Up against angels in disguise who want to rob them; 
Who didn't want to end up crushed by god?s