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(Diane Berglund/Jim Phillips)

Just a lot of folk
Sittin' 'round the fire warming
Singing all the songs
Memory won't deny
Just a lot of fools
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Words and Music by Bruce â??U. Utahâ?? Phillips
(Since you were) always here
(I even) wrote the songs (and all the) time we shared
and if you can't say love (justice) will prevail
Uhh, turn it up
Hah, uhh, yo, check it
Now add it up
Uhh, add it up

Check it out, we're like
Three LP's precise from my Five Deadly
Rhymes rip the hipper nigga, take a swigger 
MC El the rigger of the fat style you can't figure 
Rhymes out the ass you can't pass up 
performed two songs and most hate it
I'm despised by the heavens, my tombstone is post-dated
I told flex he had to wait to get my album, but I guess he