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Whispering for your return

Pictures a sunset on the lake
Mirrors of crystal your portrait
Walking on this field while I wait

So come millennium sun
knows how
He plats that Choctaw bingo every Friday night
You know he had to leave Texas but he won't say why
He owns a quarter section up by Lake
perform, cameras are litting 
The return of the swarm, the nighttime storm 
Little kids got bit by the rap exorcist 
My chainsaw mouth split tracks for
knows how
He plats that Choctaw bingo every Friday night
You know he had to leave Texas but he won't say why
He owns a quarter section up by Lake
I peek
Cause the kitchen's chopped up (?) they be trying to creep on me
Mental explosion when I meditate over by Taca Lake
Thoughts remain calm like
might be changed by victory

Beyond the void but deep within me
A swamp of filth exists
A lake it was of crystal beauty
But Arda's spring went by
bulletproof glass, S-Class
Them niggas barefaced, bitch, no mask

Yeah, yeah, ride by, kill 'em like a drive-by
Ride by, kill 'em like a drive-by
Ride by
No matter what, I'mma still show the skills in
You can't stop me, from gettin shit can't fuck around kid
Catch a beatin, like the chick caught
Very carefully, I don't know. it's great to be in japan.

"kids of the century" is the first life sign of us after two and a half
at us like swindlers with them Ricky Castle jitters
So fuck 'em, a glutton sunk into the alley for props
But things will still go bump when them
for real, we eat ya food
Like dog, muthafucka, in replace of a meal
Give you a two hour car chase, flying through lakes and bushes
Holding the wheel,
you're talkin' about a vasectomy, yeah
I'll be writin' down your obituary...history!

You got your bitches with the silicone injections
Crystal meth
Shames our name

Darling my dear
I tell you what is right
The moon on the lake
And swimming by its light

Darling my dear
I tell you what
Found away for us to break through, tryin'a hold tears back

Pourin' my heart out as I write
90 miles for hour thinkin' as i travel through
Verse 1:
Carrbian I, classy down, headed for a while, beat this bitch by a mile
Cowboy bow push powder through the nile
New legs have green gator
out in Cannes, Club Gotha

Double R's on the gates, like I'm triple platinum
Couple pawns in the lake the couch is in the plastic
Had a phone call
Caught a statutory rape cause the steak wasn't mature
I'm laid out by the lake, you lay with inflatable mates
I lace my shoes tight and ready for
Wanted to sneak out and fall asleep by the lake with ya
Smells like candy, felt like family
For every girl that ever held me in the back seat
silk to sew
We grow and take you back to like afros
And no quittin or gettin jumped by the system
Its all day, all play got verbs and such
And cuts
of dying and walkin' round like they shooken'
'Cause we smoke sour to deal with the paranoia
That they charge by the hour, can't hire the Jewish lawyer
rest up
We scrape that, Land O' Lake that
My dolo rapper get you sent back
Represent the gentlemens who bent that
Flash medallions like Italians, la
daydreamin' again

A girl down in Texas eyes like bluebonnets
Freckles and hair almost black
Like the dam had just broken on old Lake Medina
My Carissa
surrounded by bitchery now this is 
The most incredible shit in Slim Kid history 
So watch if you will the moment some good 
Shit pops and they be fogging
[Featuring De La Soul] 


What's up  world? 

Goin' give you a little love right here 

My man  DJ Honda blessed us with a joint
charge like a platinum card, kid
Enter the wild life, Crystal life, I'd rather die twice
Before I eat, four chicken wings and fried rice
Yo dunn, we high