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I was longing to be wooed
I was ready to be humbled
By the words that you had written
By the syllables you mumbled
Yeah, I was ready in my heart
and the legions of lowing lettuce pickers know, and all those in and out of the "know" know that roaches are building a motel for us. 

America! You're
they'd tell
Holding up the roof on a cheap motel
Holding up the roof on a cheap motel

You can rent 'em all night
But they're cheaper by the hour
the sun in Florida 
I'm smokin' up this motel room
She's sippin' drinks down by the ocean 
I'm guzzlin' blue Kentucky moon
It's another blue grass
What lies we tell ourselves 
Behind the blue motel 
Out on the frontage road 
Down by the interstate 
We open up our sores 
We cauterize
motel eyes

They were black as the night
And shone like a star
Fueled by the light
From a medicine jar
I looked again but there was
I knew a little place
Where I might could work it all out

I'm so tired of fighting with myself
Gonna spend a little time at the Tunica Motel
business cards, with your name and the wrong address. Plus six royalty statements, inspected and customized by Rantoon Tan, Hantoon Frammin, and DEE...
This song is for you big motel on the mountain just in thought to pass the time
And for the people who have loved and some have been loved
And some
position in a small town motel room
Where the diners all close at nine
And the trucks keep a rollin' by
And you just can't get to sleep
Even though
But the cheapest motel in town, 
Cost him everything. 

He went from home in the suburbs, 
To an apartment in town. 
From bein' met at the door by
I knew a little place
Where I might could work it all out

I'm so tired of fighting with myself
Gonna spend a little time at the Tunica Motel
are clutching
Breast stroke, lots of touching
See you in the sun
There'll be big fun, ah, in my
Hotel, motel, hotel, motel

I fuck you in the ass,
of men
Gritty teeth, fists are clutching,
breast stroke, lots of touching
see you in the sun
there'll be big fun, ah, in my
hotel, motel, hotel, motel
He drove up to the motel 
In his town and country car 
He watched the working women 
With the field hands from the farm 
He walked into the lobby
Motel ice, breath gum kisses
Bedroom eyes, lampshade vision
Twelve bottles in a row
Nowhere else to go 
You let your bathrobe fall to the floor
read by the moon

I blow you a kiss
It should reach you tomorrow
As it flies from the other side of the world
From my room in my fugitive motel
In the blue light
Of the Beverly Motel
Wondering as the television burns
How the heart approaches what it yearns

In a fever 
I distinctly hear
a pour
Then we slow danced by the jukebox to a motel room next door
I whispered soft and sweet what's the use in waitin'
Love is wild and free and night
old love
Telling me we’re through
On a postcard from a seaside motel
Every room an ocean view

On just a little four-by-six
Space for so few words
on me
Took the towels we stole
From some motel in tennessee
He was gone long before he really left
I knew it ...
By the way he began to say:
Love takes
on the bed beside me someone has taken your place.
By the Big O mOtel, there's a drive through bar,
They'll make you a daiquiri in a mason jar.
The man
motel, Holiday Inn

Penthouse, top floor, Suite Presidential 
Overlook the whole city, standing from my window
Real pink Rosé, pop 'em by the case load
at the hotel room

Forget about your boyfriend
And meet me at the hotel room
You can bring your girlfriends
And meet me at the hotel

We're at the hotel, motel
here rock and roll engagement. And The Imbecilic Laws of the State of Florida, and the respective regulations perpetrated by Red-Necks Everywhere! Do