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He was a most peculiar man
That's what Mrs. Reardon says
And she should know
She lived upstairs from him
She said he was a most peculiar man

He was
Now watch you most closely, for here the plot does twist.
Enter Simon, the super Scientologist.

"I'm opining sailing Simon. Is you stupid or is
man dying
In a room he didn't know.
While the world turns through the ages,
It's a most peculiar ride.
Holding on to one another,
About a man who walks among you, a man you each know well.
My name is Simon Keeper I had a wife and three grown kids,
A job in the towers cooking
snitching, bitches switching is what I seen the most
Three 0-5, but Carol City got the cleanest coke
Match box, projects, I gave my point of view
Bomb man
your eyes and hold them hard like a spell
And such was he and he looked to me like a man who had lived in hell

With a face most hair and the dreary
just grip your eyes, and hold them hard like a spell;
And such was he, and he looked to me like a man who had lived in hell;
With a face most hair,
his bones â?¨I guess misery enjoys company, said big bad Solomon Jones

And the stranger turned
And his eyes had burned
In a most peculiar way
my mess-mates on the cold and rocky ground
when across 
the lines of battle came a most peculiar sound.
 Says I "Now listen up me boys", each
I'm walking uptown
I hear a most peculiar sound
Like a seashell in my ear
Like the ocean was near
I go inside this store
To get my head clear

terrible weather
Nobody does it better than I, so approved by Carly Simon
Most rappers is real hard, but still hardly rhymin'

To all, rise and shine, give
Last week in municipal court
The judge ruled for rasta restitution
Of a most peculiar sort

Now there's four stoned faces at my dinner table
And my
just like Mike, Mike Will, Miley Cyrus
Close my eyelids, feel my iris dilate
Ain't bothered by hate, I'm steppin' to it
We face the fate nigga
than I, so approved by Carly Simon.
Most rappers is real hard, but still hardly rhymin'.
To all - rise and shine; give God the glory.
I already give
when I attack untight mike masses
Don't conceal ya feel breed if you're exceeded
By who is this myself I demean so my dream
Of being a hiphop master
Face to face]
[VIII - Disintegration]
[IX - Aftermath]

Let no man breach the gate to this most blasphemous of halls
Lest bitterness and chaos be