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live not dead
Are left to start a new
Misshapen and half mutated
Not a zombie not a human
Evil creatures grew

Not one thing left alive but them
A relapse of my body
Sends my mind into multiple seizures
Psychologically a new human being
One that has never been

Cursed by the shamen
his voodoo
Molded in the image of his maker
Man shall have dominion over all
But because we're nothing more than human
Sometimes we stumble sometimes we fall

Moulded in the image of his maker
Man shall have dominion over all
But because we're nothing more than human
Sometimes we stumble 
Sometimes we fall
more than this

another homeless man
lays drunk in the streets
plastered everyday
plastered everyweek
and in an ally close by
another young girl
in the universe than seconds of time that have passed since Earth formed, 
more stars than words & sounds ever uttered by all humans who have ever
with sex - Humans drowning in a pathetic circle - More disgusting than animal instincts - Man has pushed the nastiness too far - Constantly present in
By God's design, we are a skin kaleidoscope 

We've gotta come together,
Aren't we all human after all? 


Ignorance has wronged
on the shelves
Reflections of ourselves -
To consider the cost
Of all this shit we seem to think
Will fill our perforated souls.
We're more hole than human
Not flesh not bone
Not teeth noch tongue
Life takes more than that

All dem words it is just hypocrisy
Personality that is just psychology
Out by the shed are buzzing hives made of human heads
The gestation of larvae tells us
The time of death

Decomposition - An exhibition of life that
this nation in destruction
Why does the law view women as little less than human? 
Why are their lives worthless than the property of the state? 
You say it's getting old but i call it vintage love now
Don't regret it now

At a human's price
Trying to live that life/can't slow down
Well, he gets it!
N' I don't like it any more than you men.

Look at your young men fighting
Look at your women crying
Look at your young men dying
the same,
We matter more.
Is our pain and 
Suffering any greater or lesser than that of animals?
Human v.
Animal rights 
Is as much a prejudice as black v.
He's worth more
Than every star in the sky
With that look of forgiveness
That's always in his eyes

He works so hard
But gentle as a lamb
Chorus x3
I keep on havin' these flashes
Murder by the masses
Sick off human ashes
Hatas passion

(DJ Paul)
We motherfuckin' whole mothas
Now, no land is beyond my claim when the land is seized in the people's name
By evil men who rob and maim, if war is hell, I'm not to blame!
Why, you
an astronaut

We're always optimistic about human relations
We've got more friends than my man Peter Gatien
We're always fun loving, so don't start bugging
and hippies.
It's something more than DNA that tells us who we are
It's method and it's magic, we are of the stars.
Some never fade away, some crash
in the indigents struggle

Just filling up a vacancy
With nothing new to live for
When I was young and naive
I believed I could be so much more
more than good intentions 

It's just prefect day in our perfect lives 
Just as long as we have commericals and things to hide behind
It's a life so
Cause there's nothing left to live for

You're making up excuses for something
That is more than useless
Pretending it don't phase
You makes
like the pussy was dead kinda like a zombie
I gave her some of that Humboldt cookie bomb weed
She was higher than the space needle
I keep that shit
The world 
That went by 
Too fast 
More temper 
Portrait of 
A losing side 
Opinions formed 
Taking time 
To care