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Operation: Build Morale (Glenn Miller)

Voice of hate spreads its wings
Moves quickly through the air
Fuelled by greed it sows its seed
In weakness and despair
Bit by bit, makes you scared
with the despicable
In a trance without end
Where the ice burns

Like glowing embers
And where one shatters
By fits and starts of sperm
The morale
m'auraient trouvé plus gentil si je ne faisais que du "slam"
Coupable idéal, MC mercenaire
La Rumeur dit que les NTM sont des Sniper de la morale comme

Dine by candle light and hold your savings tight
You never, you never know 
When the bridge falls apart
We spoke of latent causes sterile
Dine by candelight and hold your savings tight
You never, you never know 
When the bridge falls apart
We spoke of latent causes sterile gauzes
the Metatron
The fall I had to testify
My inner me passed by
So I had to comply
I became the Metatron

Winged assailants took their brides
Debased their
A long time ago in the small border town of Nogales
There lived a beautiful Mexican girl named Ava Maria Morales
Her dark hair would glisten

Overwhelmed by my playboy charms 
We jumped in the ride rushed to the crib 
I ain't gotta explain what we did 
Built to last I simply waxed
They heard the virgins weeping,
Down to town square we go!
There they'll be cleansed by fire!
I know your yearning to burn the virgin!
never know my name

Just give me something
I'll take nothing
Just give me something
I'll take nothing

Now the drought, is crippled by the rain
within the souls
Of men and women, young and old 
Come and listen to me, my friend 
He'll make your morale descend 

One Boston day, it's sad to say
Drive by shootings, homicide
Nobody cares about the mother who cried
A family's grief stepped on by ratings
Understand why I keep hating

It makes no
or dead, always ahead, fed by your dread

Always ahead, as the blitzkrieg rages on
Breaking morale the with the sound of blazing guns

First in the line
Comfort will please you and heighten you're morale, keenly concoted the =
Barricade is comely, the entrance is impregnable and ready for assault, =
Safe in
us darkens, we look up to face our fears
And by the rise of his all powerful hand, he sets vengeance and proclaims "Follow me or be crushed
more in their size
Bountiful and plentiful and resource to provide them
Supplies slim, morale once so heavily inside them
Now steadily declining
pas la même taille
Non, Kate Moss, José Bové c'est pas la même paille
C'est le professeur Punchline, caravane drive-by
Je vous laisse, fuck les
orders from the heavens
Through hostile fire they will march
Unaffected by the volleys
Facing death their faith will keep their fear at bay

inventare un altro universo
E giocare col mondo all' inverso, 'azzo!
Oh no!
L' onorevole mi fa che ora si da' da fare
La morale e' che la torta e' ancora
like a brother and get stomped by an African


Come on

See the morale of the story is
Everybody needs to change their way of thinking
shoes, and a bulletproof dress
Sugar on the rim and a shot of mescal
Man, its murder in the morning
But its good for morale
Can you mortar more
of the other  my brother.. 
Yo  check this out  

Early natives related to throwns of David  
Captured by some patriots  and thrown on slave ships  
Give me the cue
Skip the introduction
Proceed the lip function
The junction get rushed by some grimy people busting weed
Splatter your melons like
first colony
Victim of your own advice and your psychology
You've destroyed all morale and the ecology
I'm sorry, but I don't accept your apology
Eyes wide shut but they know
Buried alive by the lies in their soul
Their stride of a blind man's stroll
Well for whom does the next bell toll