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Radio suckers never play me
Radio suckers never play me
Radio suckers never play me

I make records for music, not for the money
To some of you that
play B2K
R&B singers B2Gay (you know they broke up over money)
Oh yeah, thats too bad, I dont care
I think its good, no doubt
They can stop putting
of the album
Lil Wayne, Snoop Dogg, Nate Dogg, 
David Banner, The Git It Boyz, Boozie, The O.G.
Risk Money One and I also wanna thank Ms. Janet Jackson, you
show ya bellybutton girl
(I'm not impressed by the money and the bling
Show me respect and then I'll show you my belly ring)
Lift up ya shirt, let me
Probably cause I live by the art of for-keeps
I get indicted after my product's released
We a different form, a different centrifugal force
Every line is