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He's the latest super hero with powers so profound
He can leap a dotted line in just a single bound
I know you must have seen him in books
She hides in an attic concealed on a shelf
Behind volumes of literature based on herself
And runs across the pages like some tiny elf
Knowing that
use are logic, power and wealth with no society

Scan the mind stand by earth, give it time your rebirth

When forests become desert and the seas are
I know the minds behind them, they are riddled full of
Not to be trusted with their hands at the controls
Their eyesight it is twisted by
the power
Mind sets you are dead
Through vapors you hear
The right vision comes back

Paralyze your future secret plan
And your idea of wondering
of this World
A miracle in modern times
That's you and me I swear to God.
A celebration symphony
Played out by Angels from above.
Like the sands
where it might lead,
The politics of power, they passed around to see,
It was a time to remember, we never can forget,
They were playin' Hiroshima,
A new world order created by the government
An unimaginable force of their mindless soldiers
Their primary objective has now been put in place
as they seem
The dying are the lovers of this modern world
The power and the glory survives
With radio active bargaining
And the valueless of our lives
the other one lacks it
Guns are power controlled by assets owned by financial forecasters
Who are the masters? They are the gangsters, they are the bankers
Time Has Come For All,
It's Crucial We Should Be United Soul Mind And Heart,

Triple beam on the scene when I'm weighing
fashioned acceptable
actions from sociable addict
living this sickly image in this modern day Rome we murder our own
die by the cell phone and yet we can't
know what I'm sayin?
The God ca-diver, in the streets of Iris.
We talk about sex, money and drugs.
(Ruled by power.) And why'all cats don't know
Blood beach
Dance with a man he starts clutching, he ugly
Punks hung halo teach
Hugged by the math with the cable reach
A hundred and sixty-six

Our comrade Cee-Lo is considered by many as a modern day Neo
And opposing forces known as agents will like him dead for what he know
He is
to move streets

Time Frame

Now or never power measured by violent terror
Allowing a sense of the vibe that ties it together
As clever interventors found
clutching their chests like asthmatics
For mathematics, a natural dash of black magic
Salute to new voices flexing power advancing
The ballot’s a modern
people know him by the name of, uh, Microphone Mike
But those of us who know him well call him Michael Troy Nine
Give it up, give it up

I wanna give
and conflicts hit
Politics get rich off the bloods and the crips
Slaves shoot slaves, modern day Egypt
Brooklyn convicts is conned to be vics
Harassed by
[ Hell Razah ] 
Your not promised tomorrow
 ( You know what I'm sayin )
We are livin by the bottle
 ( The pages of life turn every day )
Be careful
strike the source
Enterprising wise men look to the horizon
Thinking more capitalism is the wisdom
And in prison all citizens in power with rhythm
your own people
The poison animal eaters, slaves of a mental death in power
And our next speaker, well we know who he is

This is not a rhyme about
The rainbow warrior of Greenpeace is damaged in
New Zealand by two bombs.
Live aid rocks the world for the hungry,
A policeman is hacked to death in London,