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from home
I surely miss my family
But I don't feel alone

Li li la dee, li li la di di
Da dee, li da dee di dee, li da di di da dee
hookers by the miles 

But still my pop's got three jobs to stable 
A family household and food on the table 
So as we pray for all our souls to keep
and a few snubs to a few crips,
Couple vampire's and true bloods
Gambling in casino's, have a hundred handing me my c-notes
The modern day gambino
Dell, murderess world wind of wit 
Get the worse of I break it down bit by bit 
Yet, a nerve my graphics cause seizures you slur, and your memory
word about gravity control 
And the families they hold for handsome ransoms
On the run with a handgun blast bioforms, I am more
Than a planetwide