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I'm a bust my shit 
Scary niggas in your click ain't prepare for this 
Double eye slugs and twelve gauge think this 
Hit em with the AP 9 or the M 1
stops nobody knows
I m about to catch the do 
Catch the do 

My henn full of smoke
I broke the flow to a nigga toe
Plus I m fresh out
or die, nigga 
Nine's nigga's time's tickin' when I blow your mind, nigga 
Call me AP-9, nigga, boogie's when we rhyme, nigga 
I hit the block and have
and what about Tupac 
my little brother see-Murder went to jail with AP-9 and two glocks
this ghetto got me trapped these fiends drivin' me crazy 
Motivated by Mob-type tactics, I'll blow your block up 
???? sip to Cosby, out the game every time 
Me and the Mob Figgas'll do the dirt and choke the 9's
my AP nine on jam
I'm a rider you can't take it out of me man
I be wilding, you can wait by my house for me fam
I will fire and drop a hater right
dacula plus the young mob nigga that's smother shit
For the scrill my real niggas noting know who it feels

[Verse 2: Fed X]
Put your guns up gather
and what about Tupac 
my little brother see-Murder went to jail with AP-9 and two glocks
this ghetto got me trapped these fiends drivin' me crazy 
That gin gon' keep me hype when I be watchin' over Webbie
In my city AP9's and Smith and Wessons
Thugs who second guessin' them the ones who be restin'
Unless you want to count this AP 9 sitting up in my draws man
Take a pause man
Bitch I'm all man
How you know that shit nigga?
Ask your girl
to make that mail
Day by day livin'
An nobody don't want no static
A-P 9 in the attic
Five stripes, I'm wreckin' traffic
Pullin' a G daily
Watch how I
game you little young punks
We world wide mob figgaz
All you niggas is jealous cats
What, what?

Uhh, Uhh, now put them hands up
Rich niggas throw
M.O.B., nigga 'cause we mob on you tricks
And you know we keep it money over bitches

M.O.B., nigga 'cause we mob on you tricks
And you know we
I'm throwin my mob up
Cock and bust to all why'all bitches die for crossin us

[Liffy Stokes]
I smell some bitch niggas amongst us, now they gone
nigga from head to his mouth
He violated in the streets
Fronted like he wanted beef
Now it's a wrap, duke rather hang it up
We the mob we ain't no
servin'" "What you doin'?"
"Mob-mobbin like a motherfucker"
"Tis the season, to be servin'"

Well I roll with a crew of zoo niggas
They're quick
[Ice Cube]
Damn, I'm sweatin like a nigga at a white woman funeral
	"Lench Mob.."
	"Civilize a 85er" -> Grand Puba
Huh, break 'em off somethin
'cause ain't nothing out
Here in these motherfucking
Streets man and that's comin' from a nigga you know who chose
To be legit and still rip foes

[big ed]
We some mob niggas
Bust your ass out your hilfigers
No limit mercenary killers
We some thug niggas
We some tru niggas
What you wanna
some gangsta shit
Outkast, Goodie Mob and the Dungeon clique
Do you really wanna know about some gangsta shit
Dirty South nigga we straight gangsta
The only way out is to die my nigga
Fuck with the mob we gonna ride my nigga
See I ain't the nigga that said I'm done this year
I'm the nigga that
Mob-mobbin' like a motherfucker
'Tis the season to be servin'

Short than a motherfucker snatched up by one-time
Make a phone call and be back to ball by
And stick a needle in my eye if I don't live and die for M.O.B.
And fuck your homeboys nigga we can drop the guns
I hit your block and we can box for fun
This for my niggas in them prisons, overpopulated

This the mob so you gotta get initiated
If you a mob, then you gotta make an issue payment
Concealed indictments handed to the grand jury
Get some money now, you hated by your own kind
The home invasion done by niggas in your bloodline