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Broken memories
They taunt me like a bird caged by scorched wings
Puzzle pieces missing
The grubby fingerprints that kissed the walls have vanished
When I wake up with you by my side

Right by my side, it's so right
I found the missing piece to my puzzle 
The first time I saw those dark brown
pleasures of mine
Yours if you want them, you got the day
Find wealth in the living and you'll never be grave
A piece is missing from your puzzle
- A bloody caricature to make whole
A squirming grisly jigsaw, detrital fragments fit so snug
- That missing piece will leave you stumped
I know you tried to cut him loose
But missing link is still a part of you
Think you lost him but it ain't exactly showing
Got you by the neck
is missing from your puzzle
It's the piece that you need
It's place of mind you gonna find meditate by the sea
Be free with all trees in all the air
by myself, I'm bound to be

I can't find what I'm missing
I've lost myself, I hope that you're listening
I've seen my puzzle taken apart
It's hard
Missing pieces
Choking words

Murdering this sweet innocence
Saving from these evil needs
Tortured by a needless soul
I'm someone to protect you

Using all
I couldn't hear you sing softly to me. 

I wanted a mystery that couldn't be solved, 
I wanted a puzzle with pieces missing. 
I wanted a story
like Canadian Customs
Rush 'em, then we dust 'em
Spring cleaning crews, yo, we hush 'em
Muzzle and a leash for direction
Puzzle's missing piece
We did not ask how things were defined
Some pieces were missing but the puzzle looked fine
One day we looked up from inside a song
Something felt
Lately I try to fall asleep but I struggle
I tell you you're the missing piece to my puzzle and
Four a.m. has got me more or less troubled
favorite thing to do
You're my missing puzzle piece
Yeah, you are perfect for me

You walk into a room, all eyes are on you
Everyone wants to know your name
some important puzzle piece that I am missing
Gotta be something more to life.

If every picture tells a story, Mine must be a mystery
'Cause I lose
the schemes missing puzzle piece
This labyrinth called life makes you manic in the mind

You listen to hear the chimes of revelation
Calling out to greet
You were lost

Now she's gone
And I'm picking up the pieces
I want to cry
But you don't see that I'm the one by your side
Cause she's gone
In her shadow
a puzzle to me, I'm only missing one piece
Soul surfin' gonna search for my soul eternally
I know eventually I will find my soul mate
The one I want to go
Piece by piece, this puzzle comes together
Sever your ties with the bad guys, let the lies go
If you wanna be a hoe, go 'head and don't be scared
singing like
Ooh ah [Repeats]

I'm knocking on your door you gotta open your blinds
Baby I'm tryin' to tell you this product is mine
Pieces missing out
evil. The entire picture began to seem like an enormous puzzle with one piece missing, and the colonel knew what that piece was.

"Within twenty-four
It's natural to fight for air and so much harder to let it go
So now I'm broken, incomplete like missing puzzle piece
The darkness overbearing, I'm
that I needed in my life to 
Complete the missing piece of my puzzle 
And now I want the world to know how much 
I love you 
Play another song for me
that I needed in my life to 
Complete the missing piece of my puzzle 
And now I want the world to know how much 
I love you 
Play another song for me
on with this man 
who I've never seen or met, tell me did you plan 
for me not to see, some pieces of this puzzle 
are missing in action, I feel that