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where it's at
Nigga show me somethin
Out in Sixy, Opalock, overtime, city buy
You know how we get it Don
Nigga, that's how I bet a thou
Project Poe,
Nigga, that's how I bet a thou
Project Poe, I'm the project hoe
That means, every-time I talk, the projects spoke
And we in the same struggle
the image project that I selected 
But 'f' it, shit is not real, as well as hectic 
Inspect it, your vest and got tested 
Suggestions manifestin my
Breaker, breaker, one nine, clear the line
Can you read me? Extorted your rhymes
MC's should expect the worst
I stay alert and shoot first

Alpines, I keep those six-by-nines thumpin'
+Jumpin' Jumpin'+ like Destiny, I laced it with the Rugged recipe
You know my technique on a Ra' beat
muzzle to quiet your barking?
I’ll be in all black tonight in your apartment
Or ya projects, or ya brownstone
I’m breaking it down, homes
How it sound,
fleein the crime scene on the major decon
Power steerin, lost the handle in the Jeep spin
Deep in the seat, high pursuit by the precinct
My co-defendant
it was a gun the crowd or some thunder
All of that was out my window when I was younger
Now I'm much older, lyrical clap MC's
If you don't know by