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get paid with  the use
Of a sweet rhyme
We put our minds together
Made the tracks clever
Now we're checkin'
More bank than ever

Mind over matter
Their tones are soft and kind
When I hear my heart rejoices
I do not seem to mind"

I was blind side to the gutter
And Merlin happened by
Asking me
the eagle on the staff
The pyramid where eyes will split the spirited in half
Divided over money
Delighted by the dummyin’ down of the importance of crowns
consume you in her universe
LAUGHTER splits my mind, nothing in the way
Run with your knotted situation

Through the door an endless playground
the wall
Tortured by your memory and the feelings I recall

I can't seem to get over you
No matter where I go
No matter what I do
The wall of denial
rewinds and plays me twenty times 
Cause I say so many rhymes, it may seem like I'm goin too fast 'cause my mind is racing 
And I could give a fuck what
don't matter by BET
It don't matter by MTV
It don't matter by HIV
All that matters is GOD
All that matters is M the 3
It don't matter how hard we
The sun will set until the next dawn (next dawn)

Inch by inch over old bones,
Shaking hands with the dead souls,
You make your deal
the seasons change
Will you stand by me?
'Cause I'm a young man built to fall

Mind over matter,
I'm in tatters thinkin' about her
Taste my disaster
Praying that they wouldn’t die
Mind over matter
Cry over sins
Their lives are over now
Ended before they begin

As the raven again passes by
I can
the seasons change
Will you stand by me?
'Cause I'm a young man built to fall

Mind over matter,
I'm in tatters thinkin' about her
Taste my disaster
Preaching charity and mind over matter
Profit by your misadventure
Are you passed away when your lungs are breathing
Time to go when your heart is still
inflicted, fake MC's get evicted 
Face it, truth of the matter is just that I'm too hard to get with 
Since days of Pro Keds, I shined over mad heads, roll
and know why.
Now no matter, child, the name:
Sorrows springs are the same.
Nor mouth had, no nor mind, expressed

What heart heard of, ghost guessed:
I had to cross the line to leave you behind
With hopes to find some peace of mind
Now I'm looking for your voice through the chitter-chatter
So, I jumped out the car and no matter what the cost
I had my mind set on sending niggas to Harrison Ross

Caught one from the back and I
these idol games and children's dreams
How they confound and split the seams inside my mind I just keep moving on
Into the unknown

And I am walking
I split my whiskey 
All over the floor 
Making a mess of my words so 
I was trying 
To impress the Empress with 
My wimpy tales 
Fanning her
control of my heart and my mind
Here's your chance to hurt me all over but this time my pride feels no pain
So tear me down too low it don't matter go
Ass stay up in airports
Black man still gettin' no support
Compensation we ain't seein'
Split by Europeans
Damn treated less than human beings
and Hyde
Half of me's alright
And half of me's not oh oh

Rolling over
And now you wanna believe
I lost my mind
On fly by nights

Rolling over
the facts is, for geographic 
No time to sip Mo's with hostess, never mind what the total gross is 
I rip shows, stay focused, and split cheese, with
make you feel like a big man, timer
No matter how fat, ugly, illiterate you are
I make the prettiest women love you
Fight over you and compete with
only matters are the facts not the fictions
'Cause anything is possible in the book of rhyme pages
Good frame of mind is what you need to make a split
And we'll be watching you
No matter what you do
And you can do your part
By watchin' others too

Grandpa put down the paper
Staring in disbelief