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tonight, We will be one 
We'll walk in the land of the midnight sun 
Oh White Sands, come hold my lonely hand. 

Then they left the warmth of the raging
Tell me I'm not dreaming
Tell me I'm not dreaming
Images of you

You slipped
Slipped into my room
Oh, could be magic
Could be
By the ocean I sat down one day
Saw my life the other way
All those trials to no avail
Broken dreams was all I gained

Well, when I was a child
Showered by rays of moonlight appears my summer bride
The full moon is haunting and stalking and preying
To witness the beauty my goddess will offer
will feel no joy
You will feel no pain
You'll never see the sun
You'll only feel the rain
I run with the wolves at midnight
I can stop the sun
Awake at the "Souls Midnight" I seek that I may find
An amicable separation from this state of mind
My sins so unoriginal they cannot be forgiven
Every hour we are stronger. 
Inside us grows the rage.
We cannot remain immune. 
To win you must kill. 
You'll never break our will. 
Our aim for