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It's a war goin' on you can't fake bein' a soldier
In the basement listenin' to tapes of Ultramagnetic to the fact the Messiah's black
I turn the TV down
to the movies
But now I have to crawl
On my hands and knees to make you see
That life is passing us by
Come on press the starter James
Come on give it a try"

He's got the whole world in his hands
And she was Alice in his wonderland
Oh they had dreams, but now he has it all yeah
No, she had never
it all
What fire hasn't burnt
Blackened blood flooding the graves
Messiah will never return!
Unholy words of ancient prophecy
Now come true - the dead
once proud, now a submissive crowd!
And he raise his voice: "Behold I'm Messiah!
I'm the son of god!
I come in fire!
My kingdom come!
My will be done!"
Written by: james henman

When we so much younger girl
I use to laugh and call you names
But now I found myself much older
I can't find no one else
of redemption.

Prophesized by generations past, a redeemer for captive Israel.
Our Messiah has been sent at last, to take the throne and shut the gates
and they faith over
It's a war goin' on, you can't fake bein' a soldier
In the basement, listening to tapes of Ultra-Magnetic
To the fact the messiah is

"Come my messiah I await thee
For my time has come to finally meet
My Swordbrother"

A past full of pictures and greatness on my back
and his donkey
But he ain't got no money
Look like he done lost everything he ever has had
Ain't that the come-off?

Hear me
I done gave my baby
and his donkey
But he ain't got no money
Look like he done lost everything he ever has had
Ain't that the come-off?

Hear me
I done gave my baby
writing me back now that time has come
There's someone else that you're looking for
It's not me

You've loved me before in so many towns
Many times
My name
to Chatham Manor
My dream girl's behind me, feel like I'm James Early
The type of worship make Jesus come back a day early
With the faith
You deceived by psychopaths. I see through the web you weave. Your
Heaven, my hell. Your Heaven has become my hell. You are the virus
told by proxy
'Bout a mild-mannered mannequin, every Friday hit the roxy
Till there his own reflection, showed him his orthodoxy
Now he hikes
tal'n bout, switch everything nigga
Paint switching, no teams
We ain't switching teams baby, ha already
It's Color Changin' Click, hey Mix Tape Messiah
Debbie Dean-Dennis Lussier- James Kuroki
I'm gonna make it, I will wait for you
I'm gonna make it, I will wait for you.

When you went away
Jackie Joyner Kersee
Cause the track is His will and His will keep me going
Even though your boy ain't never James worthy
Now Taylor Swift started
Happy for james cause real bitches hard to come by
This nigga found one, I told him he was lucky an clown something
Rollin up duckies while
happens to me after awhile you get yourself a good man
And Mrs Lucretia said James (she called him James)
She said I won't hear to that now she said I
As a great man once said
There is nothing more powerful
Than an idea, whose time has come
A place full of futuristic insight with those who share a magical gift
Foreseeing into future fully aware of what has come
You see they predicted
Ooh ooh ooh babe

I used to sit by myself
No one could me come out of my shell
Then you ignited a fire under me
And now I can't stop my feet from
See the red "messiah" high upon a soap-box pulpit
Agitating his apostles with the gospels in his hand
While apprentice Hitlers gather down in inner
that has left this whole town afraid
From now on, this'll be where you're from
Let the dead bury the dead. Your time will come
Let hot iron blow as he