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Ambush on her body, down by the dam
She wasn't afraid of anybody until, down by the dam

Criminal running from the law
Hiding in the high grass
And it ain't no cash flow
Shit I go to work
Move it by the boat load

When the stash low and it's no cash
Get it in
And you ridin' no L's no tags
"You be the sinner honey, I'll be the sin."

I'm gonna holler and I'm gonna scream
I'm gonna get me some mescaline
She brings me roses
Our days are numbered 666
and I'll begin the countdown by calling off the circus
somewhere in these cryptic scriptures
I'll find myself drifting

Feel much better on hashish or ephedrine
Feel much better when I'm smoking a lot
Feel much better on acid or mescaline
Feel much better
I met her in a club down in old Soho
Where you drink champagne
It tastes just like Coca Cola, C-O-L-A cola

She walked up to me and she asked me
me by the weigh-in
It's hard to grasp some of the shit I be sayin'
It fly's over your head like a second string is
You can't comprehend me 
It's Mr. Mischief with a trick up his sleeve
Crawl up on you like Christopher Reeves

I can't describe the vibe I get
When I drive by six
came out bustin' and them bitches couldn't fade me
Yo, what about yo friend?
They had me thinkin' 'bout T.L.C

Ira's a killa and sniper
Protected by
down by the fire side
Didn't seem to mean much the next day
A bottle rocket blew up
A bunch of people threw up
I looked at my man Eeno and this is what
By Unknown
"The Monkees...brought to you by...Kellogg's"
K-E-double L-O-double good,
Kellogg's best to you.
l want a candle on my cake
t want the sun to come out today
l want you by my side
l want a place where l belong - l want a face that makes me
Weeks before we explode, I’ll reach you yet
Reaching for a joint, some mescaline 
She’s poisoning Winston so Charlotte’s my home. 
Surrounded by
A hundred friends
But still you feel
I love L.A
That's hard to say
by six people and five I hit (oops)
Aw shit, I started a mosh pit
Squashed a bitch and stomped her foster kids (AHH!)
These 'shrooms make me
breakin' my heart
Got it started put it into drive
Wilder than the baby by my side

Go, ooh,
Music by Loreena McKennitt
L.M.: Vocals, Synthetic Textures
Mixed by John Whynot at Metal
on mescaline
I was that kid drinkin' 40's
On the bleachers
Getting drunk after school
Gettin' home too late,
Fallin' on my face,
Way too drunk to skate
pounding on your shoulders
Never shall I be an MC, called a wannabe
I am the Lyte, L-Y-T-E
This is the way it is, don't ever forget
Hear the rhyme by
much equipment, and little by little we went insane
Fiery the angels fell, burning in the fires of Orc

You-N-K-L-E, you-N-K, you-N-K, you-N-K-K-L-L
Too much equipment, and little by little we went insane
Fiery the angels fell, burning with the fires of Orc
U-N-K-L-E, U-N-K, U-N-K, U-N-K-K-L-L
am the Lyte as a rock L-Y, L-Y-T-E

There are Hip-Hop leaders, this you know
We also have, hip-hoppers that follow
By the tone of my voice, you can
[Verse 1:]
Front post livin swiggin wiskey and mescaline
Swining fly swatters catchin trails from that ketmine
We on some otha level country like
a keg
Let's split a mescaline that messes with ya head
I'm sexing a les'
And her best friend in bed
I love these freak women
Something in my denim
This town
This town
Is a sealed tuna sandwich
Sealed tuna sandwich
With the wrapper glued
It's by baloney on the rack
It goes for 40 cents