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wanna go
My arms are open wide
I just gotta let you know
No matter what they say I'm gonna stay right by your side
I'll be right there for you
burdens and be the wind at your back
Well, I wanna spend my forever, forever like that

Well I'll be the words on the pages
If you'll be my sweet melody
turned eighteen that spring
By summer had my own place
And I bought my baby's ring
Fell in with the wrong crowd
Breakin' laws, I broke her heart
with ice - little haters
Alligator snake skin, serpent with yo' fake skin
Wanna be a man, be a man than me
I'm a child of God, and you can call it if you
I'm leaving and I'm burying the past
Wanna have peace now, we can be free
No one here will make a sucker out of me

Han har "sjunk't."
their ass
So for all you fly girls who wanna be loved
Check me out, cause I'm the highest above
I'm gonna call you up and give you an invitation