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the zone, I'm leavin 'em in a phase 
By now, I'm kinda used to leavin 'em so amazed 
With my man Com-bred and Skillz, they know the ways 
Call up Virginia
bullet snatch pots 
And hot twats
Fully operational gats mmhmm
The uncanny, vilagialaty panty man
Crock, took by the hook of the candy man
Look, now
The parking lot to meet the two men, who then put your loot in my pocket
I try jocking myself but that didn't work
After I realized that God was watching with
and beef at the benefits meet
Buried him on Venice Beach with the flies and the bees
Bzzzt - Chino, and Immortal Tech'
Kill shit like the Chinito at Virginia
on motorcycles 
And for looters to get trifle 
I'm like a chink on a Slason swap meet roof with two automatic rifles 
Puberty got me Vicious 
And these
the mental! Well renowned
Ghetto pass every town
PSC! Nice 2 meet you, oh you know about this wow!
Your ex-boyfriend showed you all about this how?
Can I thank