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(Yea, yea, yea)

I hope you're proud of me
Dude I grew to be
Ingenuity influenced by your eulogy
Going through memories
Like they're were movies
the zone, I'm leavin 'em in a phase 
By now, I'm kinda used to leavin 'em so amazed 
With my man Com-bred and Skillz, they know the ways 
Call up Virginia
I said no way and he would grin
Want to hook up but I thought again

Meet him on the train one day
When I was wrapped in pain
He said I love
by the satellite field
And I quit panning gold, 
Digging holes
Yeah, I'm just trying to find my way to you

Swam across the Poncha
Took a train
[Hook - 8x]

[Big Tuck]
I'm so raw so street, so off the chain
Jump on the track, and go head up with a freight train
Thanks to the Marines, I'm a killer
know his answer?
I couldn't hear him 'though he shouted hard
I couldn't hear him in my own backyard
The trains were rattling by above
He never mentioned
bullet snatch pots 
And hot twats
Fully operational gats mmhmm
The uncanny, vilagialaty panty man
Crock, took by the hook of the candy man
Look, now
spelling bee
And just as a girl named Bethany is about to win my spelling "cheese"
I interrupt the train of thought by yelling "FREEZE!"
And when she sees
Listen, you dudes better watch the hook
I'm a boxer, coppers'll come up, Hoffa look
They wanna get rid of this conscious crook
Like I'm a Gnostic,
the baseline like six by nines 
Crack addicts and Reggie Miller 
That's fo reala 
I X more Hollywood Squares than Phillis Dilla 

Don't miss the train
It's time to gain, strain, aim, fire
Blame, reign, fuck and then retire
I'm liar past eleven, after one I'm on the run