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Bought by a town
Bought by a country
It's time my man Jamal to come
Meet Mr. Malkski
They set em up the riddim
Sit down, me Billy boy
Right ya now Mr Jerry at go set tings straight  
No MC test Jerry in a ate!

So listen dem ya styles I man originate  
First of all me wan you know me
Downtown everybody move to the beat
Uptown everybody moving the heat
Cross-town the party where both sides meet
Eastside, westside, there's always
Where I was stoppin' by just for a drink
I meet a brother from tribal connection
And together we began to sing

We gonna turn frustration into
in me verse
So all MC's don't cross this border
Cause by now you should know sort of
Lyrically wise but now I despise
All youth that's out of order
the people who knew ya
Don't test mother nature she's a powerful person
Don't get caught up in a bind for being stupid like abortion
These are the types
of pills.
And after that I'm on a fishin' quest.
Put my mind body and soul to the test.
And after that, I meet my totem spirit.
It's a rattle snake so I
don't need nobody else
Fuck everyone else, I'mma party by myself
Higher than a kite, with nobody but myself

Me and my cup, almost solo and faulty beer
Eternal life 

Hear ye, hear ye!
All connect gang members and powers
Are to meet at the West Wing
To be led into battle by the one and only
Ice Cube
around the clock
Baby doll it's you and me so just rock


All you superficial rappers will cease to exist
If I come into a party hitting
a private party 
I called up one, and said, "Whassup? 
What's goin on?" She said, "Nuthin much" 
I said, "Hey, I got a very close friend, who wants to meet
to party with
and we can all get into the hot tub and have a little bit of fun
You know baby?  Hahaha!
Consider this a test and if you pass you'll be my
Listen to me
There are things that our eyes can't see
Things that our ears can't hear
Something bigger out there

Something divine
Something good
This night is not over yet not everybodys got what they came to get
Swing on by you won't regret if you meet me at my place at three
Neighbors never
Would you wanna tap your number in if I handed you my phone?

Are you here to chill, are you here to party
Are you just here trying to meet somebody
say I got nobody but when they see me at the party they be like 
"Go head, go head", cause I gots the cuts like Bobby, rappers are dickheads 
wanna come and party, with a nigga like me
'Cause I get it
You're built like a Goddess
And it seems like you been stressin'
'Specially when your nose red
he makes the party Boing, Boing

Bob Digi makes the party Boing, Boing

[Mr. Tibbs]

I'm a country man at heart but a city man by nature

'cause even
the rest
I must meet this challenge
I must pass this test

Have to work with what I've got
Have to walk before I run
No point in always looking back
The past
The echo chamber enhance the flow wit the block party
Keep an MC head spinning like Dark Bacardi
This B.A.C. is 2.3
Now the liver's damaged,
familiar fragrance to flavors strange.
A magnificent chamber meets his eye.
Inside, a long rose-water pool is shrouded by fine mist.
Stepping in the moist
familiar fragrance to flavors strange.
A magnificent chamber meets his eye.

Inside, a long rose-water pool is shrouded by fine mist.
Stepping in
know I can never be your own.
Your lips on mine are like sweet sweet wine,
But we're headed for a wall of stone.

Warning signs are flying by us
a brother with fly taste
After this party there's another one at my place
Finesse is here, party people be aware
Throw your hands in the are because there's
Flesh pots party
Spirit away my hunger
Love me tender in a box (loving me loving me loving)
I wanna be loathed by you

You're my pre-necrophilic