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[Music & Lyrics by Suidakra]

I felt asleep, with the raising moon
Found myself born anew

All my grief and all my pain
Turns into glee (in another
by me with glee

Oh, sore in a masterpiece

And I creep creep creep

Creep creep creep for a solid place
Urchin legion

In the night time
Fortune all
Scorn is now cast by a hell-fire blast
Behold the sins discharging mass hate
The dead are controlled their bodies are raped

Condemned by thoughts that
By Kit Hain
©1985 by Kit Hain Music Ltd Publishing
Intersong-USA Inc International copyright secured

Out of favour
Into the fire
Throw my state
against the clock for some therapy
There I glimpsed where we used to come
By the cranes and the luxury boats, a pure fantasy
From the tower I can see
must and shall go free

Should the law against her roar
Jesus' blood still speaks with power

All her debts were cast on me
And she must and shall go
Sing of legend, sing of destruction
Witness the last of the god-men
Hear about Megas Jonsson *
Cast the runes against your own soul
There is not much
(Shel Silverstein)

Many dark and dreary days have gone and passed me by
Since you took my heart and dashed it to the ground
Many long and lonely
Music by Sanrabb
Lyrics by Sanrabb
I will find my way
Through this void called life some day
I cast my spell to set them free
I serve the demons,
Empty birdcage in her room
Curtains pulled against the moon
Follow her down to Louisiana
Hotel room bedside manner
God I've got to get back soon
the midst of it all
While I look behind
And all I see is that broken tree of old
Alone in the cold

Cast aside by a moment in time
Derived by a quest in
and roll?

Got some friends who stood by me
Tellin' me that I would survive
Said, "You're strong, you sing your song
Know you're lucky to be alive"
Nine years old and climbing out the house
Through a song played on piano
By my neighbors Les and Ray

I put my head up against the wall
To be
she's leaving life.
Some say we fight against ourselves
Their weapons made by our hands
If it's sure I've lost already
Now I hear my wife, she's calling
action There's never time too worse the casualties of war If you stand not by my side I have no choice but to assume that you stand against me Which side
too worse the casualties of war
Only to take action
If you stand not by my side
I have no choice but to assume that you stand against me
And woe is he
Fighting against two enemies
One's commercial, one's pretence
Play me off against each other
Self-belief's my only defence

Big or small,
music: J. Nödtveidt
lyrics: J. Nödtveidt

In the dawn an angel was dancing surrounded by aura of light
But in the shadows something was
To the arms of her angel of music
Angel, or demon?

Angel of music, you denied me!

Angel of music, I denied you!

Turning from true beauty!

Wake me
Shake me
Come on take me
To a higher plane
Make the music and the rhythm
Carry me away

I want to be with you
I want to be free
[Lyrics: L. Harrison; music - Monstrosity]

A civilization has now become
The seeds are sewn to end mankind
Desecration persists against the bringer
Cast me into darkness and rob me of all prosperity
Turn myself against myself
Try and recreate me
Are you obsessed with possession or possessed by
of the sea.

And the music plays on, as the bride passes by
Caught by his spell and the mariner tells his tale.

Driven south to the land of the snow and ice
(Words and Music by Joan Baez)

Tell me when you see them
Gathered at the shore
Dancing on their broken chains
Ah, the ladies are no more
In their
I'm not coming back to you
It's just too far

If I was cast off on the sea
Would you come and look for me
Or would you just let me sink