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Silk scarf and a napkin hidden in a drawer
Two hundred bucks in an envelope labeled Lenore

"Maybe she shouldn't see this
She should never know"
what we've got

Maybe you could stay a bit longer
I could try a bit harder
We could make this work
But maybe we should stop pretending
We both know we're
work you know you owe me too much to stop
John said I got a little working to do but I ain't goin' by your clock

People said John was a slacker cause
it, some of y'all should go back to basics
Before the prom, before Sissy Spacik
Reevaluate what's right for you
From the start or was it something you
the hero of the day 
But what if they should fall by someone's wicked way? 
Still the window burns, time so slowly turns 
Someone there is sighing
Cheryl "Salt" James & Sandra "Pepa" Denton:

Cruisin', laid back, drop top, next fling
Bangin' to the bomb, what's goin' on
Say ooh, I tell you what I do
turns around
Turns around up and down up and down
I need your love now your love now

Now I see it and I want it do you want it
Show it to me
Maybe you
At the age of Christ
Then your story is just getting old

You can see leather-jacket-James
And Jimi, fan the flames
Their posters will always look younger
gonna work? You know you owe me too much to stop." 
John said, "I got a little workin' to do but I ain't goin' by your clock."
People said John was
'bout your lonesome lullaby
You took the wrong turn at the city of dreams, city of dreams
You ended up back where you came from it seems, came from
Maybe I should turn and walk away
Maybe I should run, but I'll probably bow my head and pray
Maybe I'll search the lost and found
Maybe like two
Maybe someday you'll have nowhere to turn,
You'll look back and wonder 'bout the bridges you have burned.
You'll look back sometime when the lights grow
to make shit fit, now check this shit

I got the pack of Rough Riders in the back of the Pathfinder
You know the Ep along by James Todd
Smith I get
weigh me down
But maybe love will come to rescue me
And I'll never set you free
Like the sea runs to the shore
I've come back yo you once more
a long distraction between our satisfactions
Any good time should be just rolling by
Now the bees are indicators
Maybe we should go outside.
A fire
It's not usual, the game be, all up on some South shit
Straight west coasting, you can tell by my outfit
Red 'nati fitted, "Blood in, Blood out"
you gotta be a pain
Or is this your own way of sayin'
We should all cool down
And be more like the man who was born back in Bethlehem town?
I betcha
of losing my mind,
But I swore I was fine, you paint me a blue sky
And go back and turn it to rain
And I lived in your chess game,
But you changed the rules
And maybe get rich, hol' up
Trinidad Jame$ in four weeks but now my album platinum and shit, so what
Y'all keep the numbers
I'm more than
swear that I'll be gone 
By the time you figure out what you want 

Maybe I should wander 
Through my solitude a little longer 
Turn your head now
of losing my mind,
But I swore I was fine, you paint me a blue sky
And go back and turn it to rain
And I lived in your chess game,
But you changed
bring you back
Again over and over

The hands of time go round and round
They don't slow down when you lose your way
At every turn, the things you
got this feelin', that I should turn and walk away
You're an evil spirit, that's what you are
And I'm afraid you're gonna take things too far
The tables have turn and now you ain`t in effect
So jet to the rear and you better just follow
`Cause what`s here today maybe gone tomorrow

Here and gone in
on and on

I can’t go for that and you won’t go for this
Maybe it’s a lie that should've been a kiss
Meet in the middle or the back, where they can’t see